The failure of Aion’s launch was a huge blow to NCsoft, and when the dust settled, the company realized that the main issue was that their new game didn’t have enough content to keep players engaged. So they’ve made a few changes to the game that, according to NCsoft, “are aimed at giving players more options to get the new content they need, without having to commit to a long-term subscription.”

NCsoft has finally decided to issue a response to the ongoing controversy surrounding Aion Classic, their free-to-play title that has been plagued by accusations of “pay-to-win”, or items that give players an unfair advantage.

With the new PAX Aion Classic client and the new Aion: Soul of the World expansion, many players have expressed a great deal of dissatisfaction. Pay-to-win, they complain, is rampant in the game. It’s a controversy that has been going on for some time, but one that has taken a sharp upswing with the release of the expansion. While there is no doubt that some players are paying to win and that Aion has a number of exploitative aspects, there are some who believe that the controversy is exaggerated.

TheAion forums are absolutely livid over the disappearance of Daeva and the candy problem affecting Aion Classic, as we noted yesterday. NCsoft hasn’t immediately responded to the outcry, but at least one member of the community team has reached out to players and passed the feedback on to the development team, which has apparently yet to make a decision on the situation.

So, first of all, there seems to be a lot of rumors in this area. I have been able to confirm that an exploit using Tough Pink Tiger Candy was discovered in Korean Classic last December. The feat was so blatant that players who used it were permanently banned. But this has nothing to do with what is happening in the West. This is not a case of manipulation.

However, I ensure that feedback is given to the relevant teams. I wrote a detailed post about it this morning, including screenshots from the reddit community poll and more. Ultimately, the team has to weigh what’s best for the game. I appreciate all discussions that require an informed response because…. I’ll be honest, the extremely scathing responses even affect our emotional outlook. I can only imagine how this will affect casual players. So thanks for the insightful discussions on this topic – I will pass on what I can gather.

By the way, NCsoft said in their tweet that Classic servers are playable outside of North America, provided they are not on the shortlist, which includes China, North Korea, Syria, etc., as well as some CIS countries. The company says it will not prohibit anyone from using a VPN, but recommends doing so at your own risk.

Finally, NCsoft is offering players compensation for the gender change ticket issue that occurred earlier this week.

ViewThe world of gaming is rife with controversy, and Aion is no exception. The game has been blasted for a number of reasons, but most notably for its ‘Candy Crush’-like loot box system, and the alleged pay-to-win nature of that system. The whole story is an interesting one. NCsoft, the publisher of Aion, has a habit of making big promises, and then either not delivering or pulling the rug out from under players. Today is a case in point.. Read more about sywo and let us know what you think.

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