Myst Online: Uru Live, Cyan Worlds’ Myst-related game, has recently been open-sourced under the name “Uru Live”. Uru Live follows in Cyan Worlds’ footsteps by being the first game to use open-source development for its assets, which means that anyone can now play the game by simply downloading the original assets. The company is also making a point of providing documentation on how to make changes to the game and how to port it to other platforms.

Cyan Worlds have just open-sourced their huge library of assets that were created for “Myst Online: Uru Live”, the fan-made version of the classic Cyan Worlds Myst series. These assets are used in Uru Live as well as other indie games, and they include all the illustrations, textures, sounds and scripts needed to recreate the original game.

Two weeks ago Cyan Worlds, the company behind Uru Live, the free-to-play online version of Myst, announced that it would be open-sourcing all of the game’s assets, including the game’s sound and music, and rendering tools. Originally released in 1999, Myst Online: Uru Live is a massively multiplayer online title in which players explore and solve puzzles together. As of today, the game is available in its alpha form on Uru Live’s website and in its early alpha stage on the main Cyan Worlds website.

word-image-3547 MMO veterans may remember that years ago Myst Online: Uru Live brought the Myst franchise into the MMO world in the middle of the last century. Developer Cyan Worlds has put the game online in various forms, in an attempt to find its audience. To go further, he even made parts of the project open access ten years ago. (If you missed all that, be sure to read our own game archaeologist’s game report). Anyway, last weekend Cyan Worlds announced that they would be releasing even more resources for the game, this time directly to the public with a confidentiality agreement. word-image-3548 TheMyst Guild of Messengers community page states that the pack contains design documentation, textures, audio, and 3D models for the eras and caves, including goodies released for 2000, as well as material planned for the expansion areas. Although the site warns that many of the assets are really antiques and players shouldn’t expect too much, game developers are already hard at work sorting everything out and making it available for future developers. If you’re wondering how you can play, you can now, on the remaining MOULa server or on fan-run servers, and it’s free. And even in 2021, she won’t look shabby, so to speak. ViewCyan Worlds, the new developer for Myst Online: Uru Live , has just released a whopping 39 new 3D game assets for their live-action Uru Live game, all of which are open-sourced.. Read more about myst vr update and let us know what you think.

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