The second iteration of Mortal Online has been released and many people are wondering what the differences between that game and its predecessor will be. The developers have revealed a lot more details about this updated version, including changes to weapon balance as well as additions like new wildlife in Haven.

Mortal Online 2 hotfixes in more wildlife and less wealth in Haven as it draws respectable player counts


It’s been a few days since Mortal Online 2 went live, and the Star Vault team is getting ready to start tweaking things to reflect the realities of a finished game. Client crashes after 20 minutes in the login queue have been addressed, as well as more wildlife for players to hunt in the world, a reduction in the amount of gold that can be taken out of Haven, and a reduction in the sale price of Haven bandit heads in an attempt to make the starting area less competitive than Myrland’s mainland.


In the meanwhile, the game itself seems to be coming together nicely: The game’s Reddit community has some great jokes and helpful comments and suggestions, and Steam Charts reveals the game had almost 8,000 players online in the latest 24-hour high and over 4,000 people online as of this writing. Of course, there are critics, with commenters on the MMORPG subreddit criticizing the game’s monetization and the game’s slowness caused by server location. Meanwhile, Steam user reviews are now hovering around the “Mostly Positive” threshold.

Check out our current Fight or Kite piece as well as yesterday’s quick beginning experience broadcast for additional Mortal Online 2 impressions.


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