Monster Truck Championship is the newest game to hit the PlayStation Vita and it surpassed our expectations. The game itself is a great example of a solid next-gen game that has been given an amazing update. The graphics are surprisingly good for a game on the Vita, and the 60fps frame rate is simply awesome.

Monster Truck Championship, despite it’s name, is not exactly about the monsters. Instead, the game is focused around the trucks, also called “machines”, which are intended to be (and are) the stars of the game. We know that trucks are great—if you have them, you can drive them anywhere you want. The problem is that most people don’t have them, and most people want to race their best friend in a monster truck. So, what is the solution?

Monster Truck Championship is a brand new game from the creators of the 2017 heavy-duty sim Monster Truck Madness 2. The focus of this entry to the series is on big trucks with massive wheels, and it has a lot of them!  At the start of the game you select one of 3 different trucks to play as, each with its own unique character and set of mods. Your driver is a real life monster truckster and has amazing skills, but as you progress you may need to upgrade and improve your truck.  With over 250 different combinations of mods and upgrades, this game offers hours of driving fun!

Teyon and Nacon released Monster Truck Championship for PS4, PC and Xbox One in October. An updated edition for next-gen consoles is planned for the 16th. Mars to North America. I originally wrote this review in October. With the testing of the new generation Monster Truck Championship , I hoped that some of my problems with the first version would be corrected or solved. With that in mind, rather than compare this version to the previous one, I wanted to take a fresh look at what Monster Truck Championship offers the community on PS5 and Xbox Series X and how it stands on its four wheels.

What I Want – Monster TruckChampionship Review


Career mode

Many will spend most of their time in Monster Truck Championship mode, and rightly so. I started as a rookie and went through two junior circuits, which consisted of the National League and the Pro League. If I show enough skill and collect enough championship points, I will achieve the ultimate goal of the game: promotion to the Major League division of the Monster Truck Championship. What I discovered was that the truck I had at the beginning of my career was, well, a dumpster. His performance wasn’t very good, and the trucks I got during my career were much better. That’s probably the way the community as a whole would prefer things to go, but it’s not necessarily the way things always go in games like this. Once I started competing and getting on the podium regularly, which wasn’t always easy, the money and experience allowed me to improve my equipment.   word-image-17419 As you progress through career mode, you’ll gain insight into the areas of research and development and logistics. In the game, you can create an industry where employees are assigned specific tasks. Some employees will work in the shop to deliver the best product on the job, while others will deal with contracts, sponsorships and various forms of recognition. One of the things I like about the career mode is that it creates an atmosphere of real ownership of the car and gives a real sense of urgency when you’re physically on the track. If I decided to beat my truck at a race or event, it really affected my results at the office. That didn’t allow me to improve my truck, because I had to be really competitive week after week. word-image-17420 The career mode is not perfect, as there is some repetition and some parts, such as research and development, are not as in-depth as they could be. I felt a little hurt thinking about what the developers could have made if this had been a fully funded AAA game. Still, the career mode of Monster Truck Championship is very fun and engaging, and I kept coming back to it throughout the game.

Truck levelling system

I’ve said it before, but the upgrade system the developers came up with and implemented in Monster Truck Championship is extremely interesting and fun. While some items can be unlocked for money, most are behind barriers. This means that they must be unlocked by completing certain objectives in career mode. The most interesting aspect of the upgrade system is that every item you upgrade makes a noticeable improvement on the track during the race. Early in my career, I was getting the bare minimum, and it showed in my performance and my truck at every event, and while that was understandable, it got frustrating at times.   word-image-17421 The way the upgrade system works adds depth to the career mode and the game as a whole. I discovered that the different body styles, shapes and truck configurations that interested and appealed to me the most were the hardest to untangle, and that required the third and highest stage of my career. Finally, the system’s operating mode allows you to make certain settings that work best on certain tracks and with certain types of races. So if you are doing a long endurance run and need more speed, you can apply a setting that allows you to achieve this. If you find yourself in a situation full of chaos and destruction, you can apply a setting, if unlocked, that gives the truck more power and stability.


As you’ll see in this review, you can change many of my likes and dislikes in each mode. I’ve talked about the career mode and the upgrade system, which has a huge impact on the order of the trucks during the game. Early on in career mode I found all the trucks nervous, hard to drive and control, which is never a good thing when you’re trying to maneuver a 12,000-pound vehicle around a track. When I upgraded my truck, its handling and maneuverability were more like a race car and less like a concrete truck.   word-image-17422 The more familiar you are with each location and the performance of each truck, the more relaxed you will feel at each event. There were events that allowed me to get the truck up to speed, but I had to be fully aware of every turn and nuance. If your approach to each Monster Truck Championship event does not change, you will be penalized. It’s that simple. There is no other way to cheat the system than to take the time to gain experience in each place. This is how the developers intended it, this is how they implemented it, and this is how I had to approach it. The best part of the controller is how you determine your approach and control of the truck during each event, which affects the response and performance of the truck from start to finish. word-image-17423 If you start driving it like you stole it, you’ll pay the price for it for a long time. Before I adopted this mindset, I noticed that the more aggressive I was at each track, the more damage I was doing, and that made events very difficult at times. The only downside is that I wish the developers had built in a DNF (did not finish) system. Driving recklessly and dangerously will limit your truck’s capabilities on the track, but you will still find a way to finish the event.


The AI enemies you face offer different types of challenges depending on the difficulty level. The difficulty also depends on your level in career mode. What I have noticed with the opponents in Monster Truck Championship is that they approach the race with the understanding that you are part of this race, just like the other computer-controlled AIs. word-image-17424 I was frustrated by the AI at times, but not for the reasons you often find in games like this. Overall, the AI’s actions are very fair, consistently smart and sometimes very aggressive. AI pilots don’t give up their position or seat just because you approach them. They perform and act as if they too are competing for points in a career championship and are physically interested in the outcome of that event. However, the artificial intelligence of Monster Truck Championship is not perfect. Sometimes AI drivers behave too aggressively. That said, computer opponents on higher difficulty levels were challenged fairly regularly in a serious and fair manner.

Graph of the next generation

The overall impression of Monster Truck Championship on last-gen systems was fair to good, but with the release of the PS5 and Xbox X series, that has changed, and for the better. When I first started the game on the PlayStation 5, I was pretty impressed with the improvement over the previous generation and the current generation. The Monster Truck Championship game not only looks better, which it should, but it exceeded all my expectations. The trucks themselves are fantastic. From the bodywork to the tires to the chassis, the amount of detail visible during the race is impressive.   word-image-17425 This also applies to the damage model implemented here, since a damaged rotor, engine or chassis is extremely noticeable, both in terms of performance and visual appearance. The only major graphic problem I encountered had to do with the location of the plot. The circuits themselves and even the facilities at some events are excellent, but the fans and grandstands look like the last generation or worse.

What I Don’t Like – Monster TruckChampionship Review


There is very little in the Monster Truck Championship game that I did not like. However, I had some doubts about the depth of the material found here. Although I would describe the career mode as deep and long, it only took me 10-12 hours to reach the top division. word-image-17426 Aside from the fact that the depth of the career may be an issue for some, there aren’t as many game modes in the game as there would be if you went beyond the career mode. There is a quick game mode where you can play all the events from the career mode, and there is a multiplayer mode where you can create a private room or join a public server and play against random opponents. That may be enough for most, but for those looking for something that will keep them hooked for months, the limited depth may be a problem.


The presentation of the Monster Truck championship is well done in terms of the visual experience during the event. If you perform a great maneuver during one of these events, there will be fireworks and pyrotechnics to celebrate your attempt, and it will be visually stunning. The problem with the presentation is that it ends abruptly as soon as you leave the room and the event. Even if you win the final standings, you won’t know it when you see the start screen that appears after the race.   word-image-17427 The developers also do not own the licensing rights to provide the schematics and drawings of the trucks that many fans know and love. It would have been great to see fan favorites like Gravedigger, Monster Mutt or Megalodon, but that’s not the case. Although I was put off by it at first, it became less noticeable over time due to the strong design and concept of the developers.


Teyon says that Monster Truck Championship is a real simulator, and from what I’ve played over the past few years, it’s the closest thing to it. There is something inherently fun about it, and Monster Truck Championship embodies what the world of monster truck racing is all about, or at least comes very close to it. There are no licensed monster trucks recognizable to fans, but it makes up for it with great internal tracks and on-track execution. Monster Truck Championship offers tons of fun and exciting gameplay that feels real, with lots of ways to make it accessible to all skill levels and abilities. Monster Truck Championship may not have enough game depth to become a fixture in your rotation for the next few months, but it makes up for it in other ways and should be considered a solid addition to your collection.

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Monster Truck Championship (MTCH) is a free-to-play racing game that lets you design, build and race your own monster truck. It was developed by Massive Entertainment, a well-known game developer from Denmark, and published by Ubisoft. It’s in-line with the company’s mission to create games that are fun, and easy to play.. Read more about monster truck ps5 and let us know what you think.

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