Games like ‘Grim Dawn’ and ‘Divinity: Original Sin 2’ have a reputation for being dark, gritty games that involve player choice to make the world around them grimmer. However, recent action RPGs are taking this into new territory by making women more likely to die than men and children more likely to be killed in-game than adults. How does one go about creating grim worlds?

The “dungeon world vampire playbook” is a game that has been in development for years. The game is an RPG where you are playing as the protagonist who was turned into a vampire by accident. You must make your way through a grim world to find out what happened to you and how to get back to normal.

Making a Grim World Worse or Better in Action RPG GUILT:

Making a Grim World Worse (or Better) in Action RPG GUILT: The Deathless

I like it when a game’s title conjures up mental notions of what the game would be like, and then you see it and it does not disappoint. What do you envision when you read GUILT: The Deathless? I imagined a gloomy, dirty medieval world full with creatures, and I got just that. The naming is perfect.

There’s certainly more to GUILT: The Deathless than that. Its Dark Fantasy universe, influenced by Slavic mythology, is fantastic set dressing, but what is it about? That’s when things start to become interesting.


On the surface, GUILT is an action RPG with roguelike elements and a penchant for dark medieval monster combat. Its shared universe distinguishes it from other alternatives. Because all players contribute to the same universe, if one person unlocks a map shortcut, it becomes accessible to everyone. Shared loot and tools may be left for your fellow goblin-slayer to use. Or to torment them. You may play it as you like and not contribute much if you want, but no matter what you do, you will always be a part of a continuing universe.

Permadeath is used in the game, which means your current character may die. Even yet, whatever decisions you made previous to your death are still valid, which is lovely since it makes you feel that your fallen hero will live on in some little manner. Death Stranding did an excellent job of balancing solitary play with an unspoken connection with strangers, and I’m delighted to see other creators taking up the ball and running with it in their own unique ways.

GUILT’s battle is at its heart. Yes, the intoxicating perfume of a From Software game may be detected emanating from GUILT. It doesn’t apologize for the smell, and it doesn’t need to since it uses the aforementioned shared universe and permadeath to try something new. Furthermore, it is simply a portion of GUILT, not the whole thing.

It’s a solid action RPG in combat, though not very unique, but the systems that surround it offer a lot of flavor. As you go across the dynamically created battlefield and into combat against devastating adversaries, you’ll face a variety of decisions. Your decisions may result in a more powerful avatar at your disposal, but there’s a significant possibility you’ll suffer as you follow The Deathless’ path.

The Deathless is attempting to strike a balance between ambition and concession. In these early stages, it’s doing a good job of maintaining that balance. It’s easy to cherry-pick elements of classic games, but a game will only function if the overall vision can tie them all together into a natural, coherent whole. GUILT needs more polishing to fully gel its concepts together, some more meat on its campaign’s bones, and it’s aesthetically lacking, but that’s why it’s in Early Access to begin with. It’ll be fascinating to observe how this develops over the following months and years.

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