One of the things we’ve learned since LOTRO went free-to-play in 2011 is that the game isn’t going to get any easier. There are still a lot of players who want to play the game on the best possible server, and we don’t want to disappoint anyone who’s still paying us money for it. In order to maintain a fair playing field between those players and those who pay nothing, we will have to run a small test to see how well the live server can handle the extra load.

As we all know, The Lord of the Rings Online is now an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) in its own right, but the game’s original creators have revealed that the game’s original server software would not be able to handle the massive influx of players that the MMO now receives.

It seems that the LOTRO Classic server wouldn’t work with current tech, from the sole email that I’ve received. This is from the T2T blog post. Hi, I am now a new staff member at The One Ring, an excellent blog which covers LOTRO. I have read your post regarding the issues players have experienced playing LOTRO Classic, and your suggestion to contact the Tolkien Gateway team. I hope I can assist with this matter. I am happy to help you with the technical issues you are experiencing. As you may know, The One Ring is a blog which covers issues relating to the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. When the LOTRO Classic server was launched along with the LOTRO: Legends server, we received

Standing Stone Games is probably already tired of the constant questions on the classic Lord of the Rings Online server. While the studio hasn’t officially dropped the discussion yet, SSG’s Rob Ciccolini said this week that it’s likely too complex and ambitious a project for the resources available.

Since the game went from Turbine to Warner Bros. to us to Standing Stone, there is code and technology for the servers that we don’t have and that won’t run on current hardware, Ciccolini told So even if we wanted to make a classic server and we thought there was a big demand for it, I don’t know if a team our size could technically do it and replace the non-existent code.

Meanwhile, the LOTRO community has been flying the flags of Middle-earth this week to mourn the loss of Wayward Plane, a member of the LOTRO StreamTeam, who lost his battle with cancer after a long battle.

The engines stop at ~9:00 tonight. Thank you for flying with Wayward Aircraft, Wayward said in a message on Twitter. Wayward told me the symbolic tweet is meant to show good humor, but also to convey the message that it means they’re gone. Thank you all for making the last few years the best ever.


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