Lost Ark is a new MMORPG for mobile and PC. Here, players can explore an ark-like world with other players in the company of their own personal guardians – cute animal companions that will help them through treacherous obstacles on the way to finding an ancient relic called “The Destroyer”

The “lost ark endgame city” is a preview of the upcoming new raids, quests, and Destroyer advanced class that will be released in May.

Lost Ark previews May’s upcoming new raids, quests, and Destroyer advanced class


We’ve just entered May, which means Lost Ark players will be confronted with new content, the majority of which is aimed at the higher item level endgame tier, as Amazon Games believes “enough of our player base has reached the item level required to participate (or is within easy striking distance to do so in the coming weeks).”

The first Legion Raid, which is available in both normal and hard modes and boasts unique traits and mechanics that will need high levels of cooperation for the eight players who take on the task; and Deskaluda, a similarly high-tier Guardian Raid encounter. Relic level gear will be awarded in the new Legion Raid, while relic level accessories will be awarded in the Guardian Raid. Weekly Challenge Guardian Raids, which may be done once per roster each week and provide more prizes than ordinary Guardian Raids, are also available.

The May update contains further goodies for individuals who haven’t yet reached the right ending tiers: With the update, the Destroyer advanced warrior class will be available; new activities around South Vern will be available; a new event island involving battling waves of enraged chickens will be available; two new guild activities centered on either PvE or PvP will be available, as well as a feature to let players search for a guild; several UI QoL features will be available; and balancing for all classes will be available, as detailed in future patch notes.


The “lost ark endgame reddit” is a website that has previewed May’s upcoming new raids, quests, and Destroyer advanced class.

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