Lost Ark is an upcoming MMORPG that has recently launched a beta program to allow the public to test the game. The game is currently being developed by the Australian studio, IGG, but they have recently announced that they are in the process of expanding their team to include American developers. This is already a good move because Lost Ark is a new IP that has a lot of potential.

Lost Ark is a PC-centric tabletop role-playing game and its first foray into the world of video games. The game is a futuristic fantasy, with players taking on the role of Ark hunters that are tasked with discovering new lands and new beasts, thus fulfilling their destiny and becoming heroes.

Are you ready to play Lost Ark? Whoa, whoa, champ. It’s not off yet. Nevertheless, we appreciate your enthusiasm and crazy looks in the room for a beta. It’s nice to see that kind of energy. At least you can engage in the mental exercise of pre-selecting a game class when you get your hands on this MMOARPG.

Lost Ark has posted a summary of the game’s five main classes on their blog. Initially, these are the only classes available at the beginning of your journey, but as you level up, you will move on to more specialized and advanced classes.

Five basic classes: Warrior (who turns into a berserker, paladin and archer), martial master (who turns into a wizard, brawler or soul fighter), mage (who can become a bard or summoner), archer (who gains the ranks of archer, gunner, marksman and sniper), and assassin (who turns into a shadow hunter or bombardier).

So why only five? Amazon and Smilegate explain the lack of class here: Fans of the Lost Ark know that there are other classes in other regions, in addition to the ones we’ve listed here. These other classes will eventually be released in the western version of Lost Ark. Due to balance issues, upcoming changes to these classes, and localization requirements, it was decided not to include them in our launch release, but to add them after launch.


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