When New World of Warcraft first launched in 2010, players were able to purchase a house for the game that they could decorate and build out. Nowadays, it’s not just your character who can be customized–players are also showing off their houses on social media outlets like Instagram and Reddit

The “games with player housing 2021” is a game genre that has been gaining popularity. New World players are doing some really cool things with their in-game houses.

Look at the cool things New World players are doing with their in-game houses


In the middle of April, New World decided to throw a little player contest to see who could put together the Best Aeternum Abode, putting players’ home designing skills to the test for a chance at some prizes. Those winners have since been chosen, and we have to say, these are some fine-looking interiors.

Three winners were selected for their decorative skills, while four got some honorable mentions. The winners of the contest not only have a quick five seconds of Twitter fame, but also can get a pet of their choosing and a furnishing item of their choosing (personally speaking, I’d go for fancy bird and the cask of presumed ale). Winners aside, the contest drew forth a whole slew of creativity from players, showcasing the truly serious business of MMO housing; it’s worth a visit of the related hashtag to see the sights.

As far as content for New World is concerned, the game’s May update continues with its PTR testing as players kick the tires of the 3v3 arena, PvP reward track, and combat adjustments, though everyone could use a break to check out some fancy house decor.

📢And the winner for the #BestAeternumAbode goes to…

🥇@disdainfulcat 🥇@gnarlyrita 🥇@Alias_Node

Thanks to all the Adventurers for participating and showcasing your amazing homes! Swipe to see the winning Aeternum Abodes. pic.twitter.com/Sk7jg44QXJ

— New World (@playnewworld) April 29, 2022

#BestAeternumAbode Olaf Gunter – Avalon – Vanaheim Psi (EU West) I build a small pharmacy in Cutlass. On the second floor is a study room with a small hidden entrance to an even smaller bedroom 😀 and yes: I like Plants pic.twitter.com/Hbrg2kZUi6

— Olaf Gunter (@FluffyBlackBird) April 24, 2022

#BestAeternumAbode When Gobal Chat gets you down, come stop by Lillister’s home in Windsward, Orofena. Stop in grab a bite and lets chat 🙂 Thanks to ProfessionalAmish,CharlesHowe,PierreDeLancre and Kroby1 for being my models! pic.twitter.com/rb8zDoF7I0

— Lilly Desjardine (@Lillafer71) April 25, 2022

Mama Fortuna Yggdrasil Yggdrasil Yggdrasil Yggdrasil Yggdras

I built a tree house in the back yard of my Monarch’s Bluff abode. It’s a nice place to nap in the sun. Drop by for a visit if you want to try it out.@playnewworld #BestAeternumAbode pic.twitter.com/tSC3fRJe5V

— The Aeternum Fortunas (@FortunaFamily) April 25, 2022

#BestAeternumAbode Player Name : Nemeissis World : EU Central Server : Abaton pic.twitter.com/oMhIwJIbUy

— Too Old For Games (@TooOldForGames2) April 24, 2022

East-Orun, SirLegendariesYT-US

My Everfall homes features a play style of vibrant colours. Here I walk you through a red Chinese-theme front yard into the greens from fine jade furniture as well as a purplish romantic section away from Aeternum’s corruption. #BestAeternumAbode pic.twitter.com/a87tFvEAY8

— SirLegendaries (@SirLegendaries) April 25, 2022

Wookie37 – US EAST – Ohonoo After the long Tempest journey come enjoy a cold beverage and relaxing nap at Wookies Inn. #BestAeternumAbode @playnewworld pic.twitter.com/mFX9vU9aqS

— Jesus Moo (@WookieJebus37) April 25, 2022

My shrine and prayer room in ebonscale <3 doubloon – maramma [us east]@playnewworld #BestAeternumAbode pic.twitter.com/GfNXk6ANBR

— cookies (@pyodonggie) April 26, 2022


The “wurm online” is a game where players can build their own houses and cities. The “New World Players are doing with their in-game houses” are some of the cool things they’ve done with their houses.

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