Lineage, the most popular and longest-running massively multiplayer online role playing game in history is celebrating its 18th birthday this week with events for players worldwide. If you’re not familiar with Lineage II, it’s a fantasy MMORPG where players create their own characters to fight monsters and level up by exploring dungeons. It was first released on November 15th 1998 in South Korea as “Lineage” before changing its name to Linex2 later that year. Players can choose from three different classes of character: warrior, mage or priest which each have strengths and weaknesses that are idealized based on the type chosen (so warriors are good at melee combat while mages excel at magic).

Lineage II is turning 18 years old this week, and the game has events in L2, Aden, and Classic. The system requirements for the game are not available on their website.

Lineage II is turning 18 years old this week with events in L2, Aden, and Classic


Lineage II is of voting age, and if that doesn’t make you feel old, I’m not sure what will. To mark the occasion, NCsoft is launching a massive festival of activities that will run from now through May 18th in all three current PC versions of the game – Lineage II, Lineage II Aden, and Lineage II Classic.

“Welcome to the Eighteenth Anniversary Celebrations!” This year’s 18th Anniversary celebrations will run from April 20 through May 18, with maintenance on May 18. Appreciation Events, Black Coupon Events, an event Raid, Dancing Cats, Festival Events, and more are among the upcoming events! A unique GM event will also be held, where you may meet members of the Game Team and earn a special boost! All event-related goods and effects will be destroyed during maintenance once the celebration ends on May 18.”

You’ll want to read the whole page to get the complete rundown of events for each game. For example, in Lineage II proper, there are daily attendance prizes, a “Dancing Cats” event, free teleports, anniversary rewards, and the abolition of particular XP penalties, among other things. Greetings on your special day!

Lineage II has reached the age of eighteen!

To celebrate, we’re launching ✨23 different events & promotions✨ across Lineage II, Aden, and Classic, including special GM Buff Events!

Are you interested in seeing what this treasure has to offer?

Of course you are! 👉

— Lineage II (@LineageII) April 19, 2022


Lineage II is turning 18 years old this week with events in L2, Aden, and Classic. The game was released on November 15th, 1998. Reference: lineage 2 aden release date.

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