A new era of League of Legends is upon us. After years on the back foot, Riot Games has finally swung into action with a brand-new map for their flagship esport and an overhauled champion roster to boot. But what does this mean for Legendsof Runeterra? LOR was one of the first games to be created off RIOT’s tournament platform – will it have its PvE mode scaled back in favour?

The “riot mmo developer” is a website that has been posting about the upcoming changes to Legends of Runeterra. The game will be shifting focus from PvE mode to PvP mode and will scale back on content in favor of quality.

Legends of Runeterra plans to scale back PvE mode in favor of PvP focus as devs reshuffle to other Riot projects


What makes you want to play Legends of Runeterra? That is not a frivolous question, since the digital CCG features a competitive PvP game mode and a Path of Champions PvE option that released last November, and knowing which mode you like will be crucial to remember when Riot Games announces that it will center on PvP players.

The release explains, “At its heart, LOR is a CCG with a passionate community, and PvP is where we think our team can best serve players and create an experience that you will all continue to love.”

The reason for the change is that bringing Path of Champions to the stage where the developers want it to be would take more time and money than the team is willing to devote in, especially as many LOR developers will be reshuffled to other Riot Games projects. “If you’re one of our players who enjoys LOR, particularly the Path of Champions,” the article says, “you can expect to see glimmers of LOR’s impact in other Riot games shortly.”

Path will remain playable, but feature updates will be significantly slower, while the self-described “hyper servicing” of PvP gamers will translate to more card tuning updates at a more constant rate, as well as new expansions. So, if your response to the last question was “I play for the PvE mode,” you’re in for some bad news.

Following a 2018 exposé of the company’s “bro culture,” which included sexual discrimination and harassment, Riot Games has become a divisive figure in the gaming industry. Several developers and high-ranking officials were implicated in the incident, which resulted in a developer labor dispute and walk-out. Former employees and the state of California filed lawsuits, alleging that Riot was refusing to comply with the inquiry, while Riot settled with one victim’s group for more than $100 million at the end of 2021.


The “riot mmo name” is a new development in the gaming industry. Legends of Runeterra plans to scale back PvE mode in favor of PvP focus as the developers reshuffle to other Riot projects.

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