Draven is a melee assassin who excels at killing and surviving damage by dealing extra damage to the champion he’s attacking. Draven doesn’t require any special items, just decent enough farm in lane. This means that players can focus on itemizing for their team rather than trying to support themselves with expensive wards or healing potions The best supports for Draven are those champions who have strong early game presence with good poke but also scale into late game thanks to crowd control abilities and burst damage like Twisted Fate or Soraka

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League of Legends: Best Supports for Draven

Having a good bot lane combo is very important in League of Legends, but few things are more important than that. As in real life, some people make great pairs, and others are doomed to fail from the start. This is how it works in the game. In League of Legends, the support will usually be the half of the duo that makes sure the match goes well for them.

At times, it can be hard to be a support player because you don’t know what your teammate will want to play, so you need to know a lot of different champions. In this article, we’re going to look at the best people to play with Draven, and we’re going to rank the top 5 and talk about each of their strengths.

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Who Draven Is

if you’re a support player and you don’t know what all Draven does, here’s a quick overview. Draven needs to get the kills on his own. His ability allows him to get gold after he kills an enemy champion. So don’t steal kills. None of this will help the Draven. It will only make him angry and make him play worse.

A third thing to keep in mind is that Draven will be trying to get his axes 90% of the time, so he might be a little swayed. Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings if the person you’re with can’t do a lot at once. To make sure the Draven knows what’s going on, ping often.

Draven needs help from what kind of people.

It’s important for the support to be able to either heal or protect Draven while he makes moves that are dangerous, or keep enemies stunned long enough for him to kill them. It’s good for Draven if they have some kind of crowd control as well.

It’s best to avoid champions who can only heal or protect Draven most of the time. They are the best kind of help for Draven if they are full tank supports with strong crowd control. He can also get help from the AP, but not as much as other ADCs can.

All of the people who help Draven are good to very good.

Draven is a great support player, and these are some great options for those who play with him.



Coven-Zyra Coven Zyra An image of Riot Games

When Draven plays with Zyra, she’s one of the most annoying supports to play against. This makes her the ideal partner for him. Zyra’s high AP damage and Draven’s high AD make a bot lane that enemies will have a hard time getting through.

One thing to watch out for with Zyra, though, is killing thieves. I can take the kills for myself because she does so much damage. Zyra mostly plays the same way with Draven as she does with anyone else.

Zyra is able to help Draven a lot more than most of the people who have a lot of AP because she can keep a lot of people away. Some people, like Lux or Brand, don’t work well with Draven. Zyra, on the other hand, is strong enough to help him.



PsyOps-Sona-Skin PsyOps Sona Skin An image of Riot Games

As a support pick, Sona has always been one of the best. That’s true, too, with Draven. It’s important for Sona to be able to do different things and be simple. Each of Sona’s abilities does the same thing. When someone is hurt, she heals, gives them speed, does poke damage, and stuns them. The same is true for Draven.

Draven gets a lot more from Sona than anyone else, though. Her Q-damage is one thing. This is because Draven, the ADC for the game, is so aggressive. Sona’s poke damage is more important than it might usually be. That, along with how good she is, makes her a great choice to play with Draven.



Space-Groove-Blitz-Crank Space Groove Blitz & Crank An image of Riot Games

In this case, Blitzcrank is the best support for your Draven. This is one of the best hook and knock-up combos in bot lane, and if you use it right, it can be very powerful.

The only thing Blitzcrank doesn’t do well is defend Draven. Because Draven has very few ways to get out of bad situations on his own, Blitzcrank can quickly become a problem if the lane goes bad. Blitzcrank and Draven, on the other hand, can be almost impossible to stop if they do well early on.

I think it’s a high-risk, high-reward choice.



Mecha-Kingdoms-Leona Mecha Kingdoms Leona An image of Riot Games

Leona is the queen of crowd control in the bot lane, and she is very good at it. She can easily put enemies in a trance or hold them down so that Draven can chop them up. She can also protect him from ganks or bad fights.

Leona is more of a defensive pick than someone like Blitzcrank, but she has enough offensive power to be a great pick with Draven. Because she has so many ways to stun or root people, she can use one or two offensively and still have something to defend with.

if you’re going to be in the jungle, Leona is one of the best people to help you. You should pick Leona if you think you’ll need extra help in the lane.



Spirit-Blossom-Thresh Spirit Blossom Thresh An image of Riot Games

When his opponents can’t run away, nothing is better for Draven than that. Thresh’s kit is great for ADCs who are more aggressive, like Draven. Draven’s hook almost always lets him do a lot of damage to his enemies, and the full Thresh combo is almost certain to kill them.

Because Thresh can use his ultimate ability to affect a lot of enemies at once, it’s another great thing about him. Thresh has all the good things about Blitzcrank, but can also save Draven like Leona can. Thresh is the best of both worlds for a Draven player. He has a lot of offence, crowd control, and help.

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