In a recent update, the popular mobile game Leafling introduced a new leveling system that lets players level up without fighting. The game’s developers say this is to help new players get into the game more easily and avoid frustration.


Sam, one of our Fight or Kite columnists, enthused about Leafling, a newish indie MMO he’d been playing since June. The premise was that it was a 2-D action MMORPG that aimed to capture both old-school 16-bit nostalgia and everything contemporary players expect. Sam observed that the game accomplished all of that and more, with PvP thrown in for good measure, but the grinding ultimately got the best of him. Even yet, it seemed to be quite well-developed for a game of its genre.

Celtaria Productions seems to have been fleshing out the story this summer. It released a patch in early August that retooled the beginner experience. According to the company, “we’ve overhauled the whole early game experience to better explain concepts to you and help better equip you towards max level, when you may begin looking at learning raids or competing in PvP.” There are many character bonuses, gear drops from leveling monsters, a pass on XP from mobs, and better-animated harvesting for groups… The list of notes goes on and on. For the craftsman class, leveling has become more fascinating as well.

“You can now level from 1 to 50 without engaging in any combat, there are now Provision missions for our purely trade-skill players, and you can now collect a randomized quest from a pool from the provisions officer and deliver the required materials to the provision officer for alma, mana tear, and experience rewards. When enough provision quests have been accomplished, a global message will play informing players that the city whose provisions have been fulfilled has acquired abundant Status for a period of time, boosting the rate of rare materials dropped from harvesting nodes and mobs.”

Leafling is now in early access and will be completely released by the end of the year, so you don’t have much to lose by giving it a try if 2-D games are your thing.


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