NFTs are an emerging digital asset type that allow users to use a “tokenized” representation of their identity. In this case, Krafton and Bluehole have announced the creation of NFT avatars which will be sold in a future metaverse.

The “elyon” is a new game that will be released in the future, and it will have an NFT avatar. It has been announced by Krafton and Bluehole that they are partnering to create these avatars.

Krafton and Bluehole announce a partnership to create NFT avatars to sell in a future metaverse


The Five Ws are a traditional series of inquiries for journalists, investigators, and critical thinkers: who, what, when, where, and why. The great majority of these questions aren’t answered in Krafton and Bluehole’s statement about their NFT relationship, but trust us when we say that a partnership is occurring and NFTs will be manufactured.

In order to develop NFT projects, Krafton (of PUBG and Elyon fame) has invested $2.5 million and $4.1 million in Seoul Auction Blue, an affiliate of Korea’s largest art auctioneer Seoul Auction, and its subsidiary XBYBLUE, which secures and curates the IPs of various digital content to offer limited digital art content to users.

Bluehole Studio (the creators of TERA) will utilize their MMORPG server operations and graphics technology “to produce and market NFT avatars that may be used in the metaverse in the future” under this deal. To verify this isn’t a hoax, we have to grab the remark straight from the source.

We emphasize that the announcement does not say what metaverse these avatars are being created for, when they will arrive, or where they will debut. All we know is that Krafton and Bluehole are throwing themselves headlong into the NFT fray.

citation: press release


NFT art is a digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain that represents an avatar. Krafton and Bluehole announced a partnership to create NFT avatars to sell in a future metaverse. Reference: what is nft art.

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