I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know much about the medieval world. I’m not a historian, nor do I have a passing interest in medieval history. But I can’t help but be intrigued by what I know. And, I’m starting to get a bit intrigued in the world of medieval battles. I have a few questions, and I’d like to know more about the different units. So I decided to make a guide to some of them, and I hope you’ll be able to help me out!

With the release of the first King’s Bounty, it has been revealed that one of the main loots was the Queen’s Blade. The Queen’s Blade is an incredibly powerful sword, which not only cuts down the enemy in one strike, but also deals a bonus of damage to all of the enemies nearby. It also is able to drain the health of enemy units.

The second DLC for the best historical RPG on mobile is finally here, and we’ve got all the unit details and strategies to understand them! There’s a huge selection of new units to use in battle in this DLC, so let’s jump right in and look at all of them.

King's Bounty 2 Unit Details Guide There are many distinct troops in King’s Bounty II, each with their unique strengths and limitations. This King’s Bounty 2 Units Recruit Guide includes information on all of the various units we’ve found in the game, including stats, alignment, and unit kinds.

Various troops become available at different levels as you advance through the game. As a result, the statistics shown below are entirely dependent on the time we joined the unit during our gameplay. Check out our guide on where to recruit the finest troops in King’s Bounty II if you want to learn more about each unit. Each of the various unit kinds has been grouped based on alignment for convenience of usage.

All Active Skills in King’s Bounty 2 Unit Details Guide


King's Bounty 2 Unit Details Guide - All Active Skills

  • Execution: Injures opponents and then cleanses all damaged parts.
  • Attack and Withdraw: Teleport to a certain opponent, attack, and then return without being attacked in the control zone.
  • Bloody Bite: Inflicts damage and bleeds the target.
  • When you use Forced March, you get +2 speed and +25 armor, as well as the ability to eliminate Slowed.
  • Precise Strike: Inflicts severe damage on an opponent unit.
  • Flaming Arrows: Causes burning and does damage.
  • Healing: Restores the unit’s health.
  • Ambush: Deals damage to the target unit while lowering its protection.
  • Power Strike: Deals a lot of damage to the opposing unit.
  • Lesser Dispel: Removes allied unit’s random debuff.
  • Mark of Darkness debuff is inflicted by Ill Fate. All strikes on target are now considered critical.
  • Backstab: Teleports to a specific opponent, attacks and poisons them, and then flees.
  • Targets are damaged and poisoned by the Poisoned Arrow.
  • Inflicts craziness Debuff to madness. On its turn, the target opponent assaults the closest unit.
  • Heavy Blow: Deals damage and weakens the target.
  • Explosive Bolts: Deals damage and immobilizes targets.
  • Stunning Clap: Deals damage while also stuns the opponent. They are unable to defend themselves.
  • Damage and bleeding are dealt by barbed arrows.
  • Charge: Boost your speed and initiative by a factor of two.
  • Teleport to any unoccupied hex within speed range.
  • Infectious Claws: Causes illness and does damage to the victim.
  • Piercing Shot: Inflicts damage while ignoring partial armor.
  • Fortification: Increases armor and makes you immune to critical damage.
  • Bloody Feast: Deals and heals damage.
  • Electric Arrow: Inflicts damage while also inflicting Shock.
  • Taunt: The opponent makes the unit a priority target.
  • Rapid Fire: Deals three times the amount of damage.
  • Stops a target unit from utilizing active abilities.
  • Damages, stuns, and weakens the victim.
  • Wave of Cold inflicts 7 hex AoE damage as well as a freeze debuff.
  • Inner Flame: Crit probability has been increased.
  • Stone Skin: Increases the amount of armor you have.
  • Enraged boost is applied when you use Rage.
  • Unit teleports to a free hex and does damage to every square it passes through.
  • Chimera’s Jump: Teleports to a free hex while inflicting damage on all nearby hexes.
  • Damage is dealt two hexes forward with Whirling Blades.
  • Replenish: Restores its own health completely.

The Order Units List


List Of Order Units

The War Dogs

Dogs Of War

Bloody Bite is an active skill.



Precise Strike is an active skill.


Archers Flaming Arrows are an active skill.


Healers Healing is an active skill.


Swordsmen Power Strike is an active skill.

The Light Spirits

Spirits Of Light Lesser Dispel Active Skills


Crossbowmen Piercing Shot is an active skill.


Cavalrymen Piercing Shot is an active skill.


Knights Taunt is an active skill.

Mages of the Crown

Royal Mages Dispel and Spellbind are active skills.


Disciples Heal, Stone Skin are active skills.

Power Units Chart


List Of Power Units



Attack and Withdraw are active skills.


Bears Heavy Blow is an active skill.

Crossbowmen with Heavy Weapons

Heavy Crossbowmen Explosive Bolts are an active skill.


Eagles No active abilities


Trolls No active abilities

Trolls with Stoneskin

Stoneskin Trolls Stunning Clap is an active skill.


Militiamen Forced March is an active skill.


Housecarls Fortification of active skills


Gryphons No active abilities

Wolves from the past

Ancient Wolves Bloody Feast is an active skill.


Flamethrowers Rapid Fire is an active skill.

Riders of the Bears

Bear Riders Taunt is an active skill.

Chiefs of the Trolls

Troll Chiefs Active Abilities: Calm


Berserkers Rage is an active skill.

Dragon (Red)

Red Dragon Wall Of Fire is an active skill.

Anarchy Units List


List Of Anarchy Units



Execution is an active skill.



Forced March is an active skill.


Brigands Ambush is an active skill.


Raiders Attack and Withdrawvv are active skills.

Adepts of the Dark

Dark Adepts Ill Fate is an active skill.


Assassins Backstab is an active skill.

Archers of the Skeleton

Skeleton Archers Poisoned Arrow is an active skill.

Spirits of the Dark

Dark Spirits Madness is an active skill.

Archers Without Boundaries

Free Archers Barbed Arrows are an active skill.


Mercenaries Precise Strike is an active skill.


Zombie Charge your active skills.


Ghosts Teleportation is an active skill.

Ghouls from the past

Ancient Ghouls Infectious Claws are an active skill.

Death Knights are a group of assassins

Death Knights Taunt is an active skill.

Dragon of Bones

Bone Dragon Replenishment is an active skill.

Finesse Units List


List Of Finesse Units

Spirit of the Wind

Wind Spirit Active Capability: None

Elementals of Stone

Stone Elementals Active Capability: None

Golem of Clay

Clay Golem Active Capability: None

Golem of Iron

Iron Golem Active Capability: None

Golem of the Sentry

Sentry Golem Electric Arrow is an active skill.

Elementals of Ice

Ice Elementals Wave Of Cold is an active skill.

Elementals of Fire

Fire Elementals Inner Flame is an active skill.


Gargoyle Active Skill: Attack & Withdraw, Execution


Chimeras Chimera’s Jump and Whirling Blades are active skills.

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Do you know where we may be able to locate any units we’ve overlooked? Leave a comment in the box below.

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Since the game was released a lot of people asked me about the units, after a lot of searching I have found some information on this site http://kingbronze.net/index.php?page=unit_details&unit=122. This is a great site and I am a fan of it! The post is just a guide for it’s units and there are no spoilers!. Read more about king’s bounty ii — release date and let us know what you think.

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