RuneScape is one of the earliest MMORPGs, and now it’s getting a board game. Jagex partnered with Steamforged Games to bring you this new release for your next gaming session. It will be available on Kickstarter in 2018.

The “runescape board game kickstarter” is a new project from Jagex and Steamforged Games. The game will be released in 2020, with a limited edition version of the game being available on Kickstarter.

Jagex and Steamforged Games detail the upcoming RuneScape board game and show off some minis


The board game based on RuneScape is coming, but that doesn’t mean publisher Jagex and board game manufacturer Steamforged Games can’t regale prospective supporters and fans with information about the project and show off a handful of its minis.

RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg has players working together in a team to battle monsters, make gear, and collect eggs “to build that game-changing cake.” According to Steamforged CCO and Creative Director Mat Hart, the game offers “rich story missions, light-hearted diversions, sandbox exploration at the macro level, face-to-face boss confrontations, and classless character growth” for both veterans and newcomers of RuneScape games. There will be well-known costumes, NPCs, and bosses from throughout the IP in the minis.

“You get to select which talents to level up, which weapons to make, and even where to go next in your exploration. Keep your sights on the target and cut a direct course through the campaigns to take on hard boss battles, or wander across Gielinor tasting every side mission along the way. Every group member may play their own way, maxing abilities to level up and gain those all-important capes, thanks to a classless progression system.”

As previously stated, the RuneScape board game will launch a crowdfunding campaign later this year. Those interested in following along may either subscribe to a mailing list or be alerted when the Kickstarter goes live.


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Jagex and Steamforged Games have announced the upcoming RuneScape board game. The game is set to release in 2020, with a pre-order starting today. Alongside the announcement, the company has released some of the miniatures that will be included in the game. Reference: board game announcements.

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