ESO is a popular MMORPG developed by Bethesda, the same company that created Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series. It has been running for more than 10 years, but it’s popularity began to decline after each new game release from its developer. Is ESO still worth playing in 2022?

The “is eso worth playing 2021” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question will be provided below.

Is ESO Worth Playing in 2022?

It’s important to know whether the current version of ESO is worth playing, whether you’re a prospective new player or a returning veteran. The answer varies depending on the kind of material you wish to play.

In 2022, what will be the state of ESO?

ESO is a radically different experience than previous Elder Scrolls games, yet it still captures the core of what makes them so amazing. Because ESO is an MMO, the fighting system is quite different from prior Elder Scrolls games.

You’ll have two skill bars with various weapons, each with six possible talents, allowing for a lot of personalization. Players will pass you by while doing the same or separate objectives, making the game seem incredibly lively and sociable. To defeat more difficult adversaries, such as world bosses or dungeons, you’ll need to work together.

I’ve been playing ESO for a long time and have loved both the highs and lows of the game. Finally, I’ve had a lot of fun playing through it all. You’ll find a lot of unfavorable thoughts about the condition of the game in reddit’s ESO posts, but this doesn’t represent how the majority of the community feels.

ESO-Deadlands-Best-Solo-Class-Builds-1024x576 ESO Deadlands - latest update ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios)

At terms of PVE content, ESO is in a terrific place, with a strong social network. From a PVP standpoint, it’s less gratifying, and the RNG grind might be tedious for certain players. The game has just become a lot better thanks to some new updates. New item drops are guaranteed, and the Armory system allows you to personalize your character at the touch of a button. Each style of play has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll go over in detail below. 

Finally, ESO is an MMO that you may play in whatever way you desire. You can conduct solo PVE, multiplayer PVE, PVP, housing, fashion, trade, and everything else you can think of! There is no one method to play the game, so if you become tired of one part of it, you may switch to another.

Some gamers would just fish for hours in order to earn a lot of money or simply to relax. Some people play for the zones’ remarkable art and beauty. Others are more interested in completing the many zone missions that include engaging conversation and challenging choices involving Tamriel’s citizens. ESO offers a lot to offer if you prefer MMOs and customizing your character/housing. ESO has many positive elements, but it also has several flaws that might irritate even the most devoted ESO player. Let’s get this party started.

Is ESO releasing new content on a regular basis?


Advantages. There’s constantly fresh stuff to discover, and regular upgrades assist to ensure that all classes are equally viable.

Cons: As newer, better item sets appear, certain item sets become less helpful, yet you never outlevel them.

2-Fargrave-1024x701 2-Fargrave-1024x701 ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios) via HGG / Angus Green

ESO has been out since 2014, but it is always adding new content, whether it’s new zones to explore or new tough solo/group activities. Graphically, it stands up nicely, and I’m constantly blown away by how stunning the game looks at higher graphic settings.

Blackwood and the Deadlands was just published, with Mehrunes Dagon threatening to take over the globe. While it had some fascinating narratives to go through, it seemed too similar to the primary plot line of the original game. Fortunately for us, ESO will be releasing new content that focuses more on the political fighting factions that we’re all familiar with. This material will be revealed globally on January 27th at 3 p.m. EST. 

Unlike other MMOs, ESO allows you to grab the best of a certain armor set and keep it for a long time. New material is provided on a regular basis, and the META changes as new objects are introduced. However, it’s great to know that once you obtain an item like the Ring of the Pale Order or the Medusa’s Inferno Staff, you may use it in any content.

1-Trailer-1024x579 1-Trailer-1024x579 ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios) via HGG / Angus Green

Like other MMO games, you’ll outlevel your stuff at first, but ESO is unique in that it ultimately stops outleveling. All things you obtain at CP 160 will be set at CP160, and you won’t be able to outlevel them again, making them usable even at CP3600. As the meta evolves, you’ll be altering item setups more often if you want to push statistics and obtain the greatest DPS possible.

PVP sets, on the other hand, are distinct in that new sets may be “broken” to the point where they are actually powerful. This causes a surge in their popularity, followed by a significant nerf to the set such that it no longer dominates all PVP content. 

Is ESO PvE Solo Content Worth Playing in 2022?


Advantages. Play as you choose with story-driven material and excellent decision-making.

Cons: Open world material is too simple, and deciding where to explore first might be overwhelming.

One of the most appealing aspects of an Elder Scrolls game is its missions, and ESO is no exception. The number of intriguing missions that urge you to make tough decisions for the destiny of numerous groups of people is extremely astounding. Remember that practically every quest decision you make will have little bearing on how you are treated in subsequent tasks.

After the mission is completed, the characters engaged in those quests will interact with you in a new way. For example, if you rescue someone during a quest, they may later appear in a nearby pub and thank you for your kindness. However, there are occasions when you sacrifice a character and they just reappear later as if they were created for another task. With the exception of a few missions (there is a mage’s guild quest that gives one of these exceptions), you nearly always obtain the same gear as a quest reward. 

2-Quest-1024x699 2-Quest-1024x699 ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios) via HGG / Angus Green

The new Blackwood and Deadlands material is a blast to play, particularly the city of Fargrave and interacting with the (mostly) nice Daedra. Long swaths of terrain that appear basically the same might make the Deadlands region feel, well, dead. If you like the Oblivion-style hellscapes, you’ll love the Deadlands’ look. The scenery aren’t perfect, but the legendary monsters that walk the area add a lot to the experience. Fargrave is a lovely town that deserves to be explored extensively. 

Apart from solo arenas, most solo stuff is rather simple to complete. In ESO, all foes level with you, thus you may quest as a level 10 alongside a CP600 and do the same amount of damage (if you have the same type of armor and champion points equipped). This implies that on a task that is too difficult, you will never encounter an adversary.

This also means that seasoned players may find the fighting part of questing to be tedious, which is regrettable. I can generally eliminate each adversary that comes my way during a mission with a single or two skills, which detracts from the immersion of having to work for a task. The missions, on the other hand, are so well-written that I never get tired of them, even though I do feel immortal when blasting through the “bosses” who stand in my way during quests.

However, depending on your level and the gear you have, soloing world bosses, dungeons, and arenas may be quite challenging. From a level standpoint, the most essential thing is that you have access to all of the talents you want to employ, as well as their morphs that make the material tougher or easier.

When it comes to equipment, having golded gear with the right qualities and enchantments, as well as excellent food and potion usage, is essential for getting through challenging solo content (this is only important for soloing veteran content). No matter how well you demolish questing and standard solo stuff, you’ll have a hard time soloing veteran material. As you try your hand at them, expect a significant rise in difficulty as you get used to blowing through some soul gems and restoring yourself.

Is ESO PvE Group Content Worth Playing in 2022?


Advantages. There’s a lot of variety in the material, as well as several levels of difficulty and a terrific community. 

Cons: You’ll almost never be partnered with a player that doesn’t do their part or goes against the group (Ex: speed runs when other group members are completing the quest)

When it comes to group content in ESO, there’s a lot to choose from, whether it’s taking on global monsters, 4-person dungeons, 4-person arenas, or 12-person trials. If you desire, you may even perform typical tasks with a companion that are designed for solitary play. ESO also has a wide spectrum of difficulty levels. Because DLC material is usually always more difficult, here’s how each style ranks from easiest to most difficult: 

Veteran dungeons, veteran dungeons with hardmode, veteran trials, veteran trials with hardmode, trifecta achievements for veteran content, normal dungeons/arenas/trials, normal dlc dungeons/arenas/trials (hard mode, no death, speed run)

2-Tanking-PVE-1024x915 2-Tanking-PVE-1024x915 ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios) via HGG / Angus Green

Even if you’re playing the same dungeon, veteran hard mode will feel quite different, so there’s always space to progress and pursue a more challenging fight when you’re ready. Playing with diverse groups of people and as different classes will give the game a unique flavor, allowing you to experience the same material in new ways.

Playing with friends and guilds ensures that you are surrounded by people who have your back and will wait for you to finish tasks or speed run as you see fit. Playing with strangers is nearly usually a positive experience, with the exception of the rare individual who does not get along with others. Most people in the game are kind and will assist newcomers. They will not rush you through a dungeon before you obtain the task. 

Is ESO PvP Worth Playing in 2022?

Both yes and no.

Advantages. You may be effective with any class/race, you have a tremendous floor to ceiling ratio for progressing as a player, and you can fight epic fights at peak hours.

Cons: Lag and FPS drops are tough to play with; what is BIS in the meta determines what people use; and, like with many pvp games, people may be nasty.

The developers of ESO have been working on ways to improve how sluggish and unrewarding PVP may be. If you’re new to PVP in ESO, here’s a rundown of the many regions to participate in (if you play PVP in ESO skip down to the next paragraph).

The most populous is Cyrodiil, which has a PVP zone where the three groups compete for map supremacy. Because this region is so large, you may have full-fledged warfare with several zergs (groups of up to 12 people) battling for keeps, resources, and, of course, the elder scrolls.

2-PVP-1024x870 2-PVP-1024x870 ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios) via HGG / Angus Green

Despite the fact that the Imperial City has a far lower population than Cyrodiil, you’ll still find yourself battling other zergs on a regular basis. This region is often less choppy, and grinding Tel Var by killing critters or other players and taking half of their Tel Var may be a lot of fun.

Battlegrounds are 15-minute or less conflicts in which three teams of four compete for a variety of objectives such as capture the flag or the most kills. You may challenge other players to battle for a single person PVP experience, however this is largely for practice as Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds are group based. 

Large fights may take a toll on your FPS, especially in Cyrodiil, where you’ll frequently be playing on a busy server, and it might seem hopeless as you repeatedly press the button to switch weapon bars with little impact. The Imperial City is a wonderful place to engage PVP since it seems like a combination of Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds. You’ll find yourself battling smaller groups of people more regularly, but you’ll sometimes be swept through by a random zerg. Fights here might be a little sluggish at times, but they’re typically rather fluid.

Due to the decreased player count, Battlegrounds will operate much more smoothly, although latency will still occur from time to time. If latency is a concern for you, a single skill bar setup may assist, as can using AOE abilities like the duel wield skill Whirling Blades.

If you have a strong internet connection and a well-equipped PC, you should be able to play PVP without the usual latency that all players suffer in high-traffic regions. PVP may not be for you if you have a slow internet connection and a low-powered gaming hardware. 

From a Housing/Fashion Perspective, is ESO Worth Playing in 2022?


Advantages. Lots of customisation, new products arriving in both housing and fashion on a regular basis, and a wonderful community.

Cons: Some products are crown shop exclusives, which means you must spend real money to get them; housing and fashion items may cost a lot of in-game gold. 

There are literally many options for personalizing your character and home in nearly any manner. There are limitations, such as the fact that without ESO+, you’ll only be able to furnish half of the available space, which may be irritating. The following are the dwelling furnishing restrictions for each home size: Small – 100/200, Medium – 200/400, Large Estate – 300/600, Notable Manor – 350/700. Inn – 15/30, Apartment – 50/100, Small – 100/200, Medium – 200/400, Large Estate – 300/600, Notable Manor – 350/700.

2-Housing-1024x701 2-Housing-1024x701 ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios) via HGG / Angus Green

Farming for blueprints for your house or themes for your character may also be challenging. Fortunately, guild merchants have most themes, blueprints, and previously created things. These, however, might come at a heavy price.

In addition, numerous housing goods and many of the clothes available in ESO must be purchased rather than acquired in-game. This might be inconvenient if you need access to these unique goods, but you can simply make everything seem exactly as you want it to by mixing and combining patterns and house layouts.

Many outfits and skins may be obtained via in-game accomplishments, however horses are not available. Because there are so few, here is a list of mounts that may be earned: Sorrel Horse is preventing you from reaching level ten. Senche Champion Sunspire Trifecta accomplishment for the Lion from Sunspire trial. From the scrying of a Dwarven Ebon Wolf. Any of the existing mounts that may be obtained via ticket purchases.

Be a part of the High Ground

Overall, ESO is still a worthwhile game to play in 2022. In terms of PvE, it is incredibly rewarding and enjoyable to play. In terms of PvP, it may be more irritating and should only be attempted if you have access to the internet and a machine capable of handling it. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on ESO and your other favorite games. 

The “is eso worth playing solo” is a question that has been around for a while. The answer to the question is yes, it is worth playing in 2022.

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Is Elder Scrolls Online worth 2022?

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Is The Elder Scrolls Online worth playing in 2021?

A: Yes, I would recommend the game in 2021 because it is a really fun MMORPG with lots of content.

Is it too late to play ESO?

A: If the game is a part of an expansion or has been out for over six months, I would say that its too late. However, if youre looking for non-expansion content and are still playing on ESO Live, then no – theres always hope!

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