This is a big one. Incoming Pokemon HOME updates will let you bring more mon to multiplayer which means your favorite game has just gotten better!

The “Pokemon Home Brilliant Diamond Update” is a game update that will come out in the near future. This update will allow you to bring more Pokemon into multiplayer battles. Read more in detail here: pokemon home brilliant diamond update.

Incoming Pokemon HOME Update will let you bring more ‘mon to multiplayer


While the fact that Pokemon Legends: Arceus was an open world but nearly entirely single-player game is still upsetting, there is some good news for multiplayer fans: Some of the newer Pokemon games will be able to communicate with one other thanks to an upgrade to Pokemon HOME. No, Arceus doesn’t have multiplayer yet, however the pokemon you acquire there may be transferred to Sword and Shield, as well as Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl to some degree.

The pokemon that can be moved even retain moves across titles, especially concerning Arceus pokemon, as both the moves and combat system are quite different from the main series (though has been outselling some main-game past titles). Yes, Pokemon GO players can now move more pokemon from Go to HOME, though the rule is still that pokemon can only leave Go, not be transferred to it. This requires a whole flowchart:


“Pokémon that players may bring to each game are restricted to the Pokémon that appear in those games,” PR stated to us. “Hisuian Growlithe cannot be transferred to Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Pokémon Shining Pearl, Pokémon Sword, or Pokémon Shield,” according to the example given. “However, players will be able to take a Pikachu caught in Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield into Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, or Pokémon Shining Pearl.”

Still, with to the new update’s versatility, pokemon with excellent stats from practically any game may now be transferred to another game and enjoyed. That said, it puts Pokemon GO in the unusual position of being the only Pokemon game that enables you to not only capture them all, but also transfer them to be played inside the framework of their regular game.

Meanwhile, excellent IV pokemon that can be transferred from Go or Arceus will be accessible in additional multiplayer games, and the update seems to indicate that HOME will be modified to incorporate the future Scarlet and Violet games.


The “pokémon bank” is a new feature that will be added to the game in the upcoming update. This new feature allows players to bring more than one pokémon into multiplayer battles.

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