Causing a lot of controversy in the off-season, tenacity and cc removal quickly became one of League’s most talked about topics. They both have their pros and cons but I’ll give you an overview on how they work as well as some general tips for playing with them.

In-depth guide to tenacity and cc removal

With the exception of nearsight (quinn q, nocturne r, and graves w), suppression, and airborne, tenacity lowers the duration of all cc (this includes knock up, knock back, knock aside and pull).

By far the most prevalent cc that is unaffected by tenacity is airborne. Types of Crowd Control#Airborne - In-depth guide to tenacity and cc removal

The following is a list of all the airborne effects in the league.

However, tenacity cannot lower a cc below 0.3-0.625 s, depending on when the game adds/removes the buff, which is seldom acknowledged. I did all I could to learn more about this, but I couldn’t. This value, in my opinion, cannot be changed by the player, thus while discussing optimal efficiency, you must consider the high value (0.625). This translates to:

  • When the cc is smaller than 0.625s, tenacity is entirely ineffective. Kennen is by far the worst offender here. His initial stun will last 1.25 seconds, while all subsequent stuns will last 0.5 seconds. This means he can cc you repeatedly with short-duration stuns that aren’t affected by tenacity.
  • For cc, you only receive a portion of the value that lasts 0.75 seconds. There are a handful cc situations in League that persist this long. They seem to be mostly determined by the ability’s points (e.g., Shaco w’s 0.5/0.75/1/1.25/1.5), levels (e.g., Vex passive’s 0.75/1/1.25/1.5), or specific situations (e.g., Hecarim’s r’s 0.75-2s dependant on distances).
  • You only gain value from one item/rune that offers tenacity for stuns that last one second. In league, this seems to be the most usual cc duration. To get optimal effectiveness versus 1s of cc, you simply need 30-35 percent tenacity. Anything above that is either unreliable or excessive.

Ability that apply both an aerial effect and a stun, but for separate durations, are another fascinating situation. These talents are normally opposed by tenacity in small doses, although they are also neutralized by large doses of tenacity. Vi(R), Alistar(w), Maokai(Q??-unknown whether this counts), Rammus(Q?? ), Nautilus(R), Sion(R) are among the characters on the list (Q). I understand that this may seem confusing, but let’s look at an example to see how it works:

Sion q, for example, has a maximum charge of 1 second knock up and 2.25 seconds stun.

-At 0% tenacity, you suffer 1s knock up and 2.25s stun for a total of 2.25s immobile.

-At 50% tenacity, 1s knock up + 1.125s stun = 1.125s immobilized

You take 1s knock up AND 0.56s stun = 1s immobilized at 75% tenacity.

2. Cleanses, also known as CC removal. We’ll take each situation individually.

  • Cleanse: Removes debuffs from summoner spells (ignite, exhaust, red/blue smite) as well as the same forms of cc that can be decreased by tenacity(pretty decent rule of thumb).

-Important note: Cleanse does not operate on nearsight, despite the tooltip stating otherwise.

-Important note2: Cleanse is the only way to get rid of summoner spell debuffs.

  • QSS: Removes anything that tenacity, suppression, and nearsight can diminish.

-Important note: Qss isn’t meant to eliminate airborne either.

  • Except for airborne, blind, disarm, ground, nearsight, and suppression, Mikael’s Blessing removes cc.
  • Champion’s talents include:

-All kinds of cc will be removed by Gankplank w, Alistar r, Kalista r(when dragging ally), Olaf r, Kled’s dismount, and Rengar’s empowered w.

– Yonne e(recast): at the conclusion of the recast, a “cleansing” effect will be applied, erasing all cc except disarm, ground, nearsight, slow, and quiet.

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