Dead by Daylight is a fun game featuring plenty of tension and suspense. It’s also a game that can see you lose items and progress if you fail to make use of the right tools at the right time. One of the best ways to build adrenaline and tension in the game is to play as Leon Kennedy, who has several perks you can use to your advantage. If you want to find out how to use these perks and which one is the best to use in Dead by Daylight, have a look at this guide.

In Dead by Daylight, there are perks that can be unlocked when you reach the required level. Leon Kennedy’s perk is the Green Cross to make the killer bleed the exact color of the cross. To access this perk, you need to unlock your skill points by completing challenges.

You may have heard about Dead by Daylight’s upcoming DLC which introduces Leon Kennedy as a playable character. But, what you may not know is that he is not free. The unlockable Perks are exclusive to him, and he also has a few new items to use. While the amount of content is not as large as the new Perks, new items such as the Nail Bat, Great Bear Claw and the LMG, make this a pretty good DLC to get.

Leon Kennedy is one of the new Survivors who will appear in the Dead by Daylight chapter of Resident Evil . It introduces three new survivor perks into the game. Let’s see how they work and what you can do with them.

Bullet impact

Leon Kennedy’s first unique skill is Bite the Bullet, and a learnable version of this skill appears on his Blood Web at level 30. This is how it works: They don’t make a sound when they heal, not even sounds of pain. There is no audible alarm for failed Healing skill checks, and healing only reduces by 3/2/1%. Bite the Bullet is like the technician, but for the treatment. This is a big advantage for new survivors who have yet to get used to skill checks, as failing a healing skill check can often lead to new players being sacrificed on the hook. Bite the Bullet can also be used by experienced players. The ability to process silently is very important because standard processing is very noisy. Staying quiet will keep you from being spotted by the assassins if you can’t get away from them. Players who prefer a stealthy play style can use Bite the Bullet to avoid being noticed. With this gift, a survivor can go undetected while healing – unless the killer has a call from his sister.   word-image-8351 word-image-8352


Leon Kennedy’s second unique perk is Flash Bang, a trainable version of this perk appears on his Blood Web at level 35. This is how it works: Flash Bang is activated after reaching 70/60/50% progress on a generator. Enter a locker with empty hands and press the skill button to make a stun grenade. Has a single charge, explodes with a loud sound and flash, produces an audible alarm, and can be used to distract or blind. You leave a stun grenade behind when you flee a court. As you can see from the description, this perk will be very popular with survivors. Flash Bang looks like a firecracker because of the way it goes off. If you throw a stun grenade, it explodes a few seconds later and blinds everyone around you. This makes it harder for assassins to avoid the blind.   word-image-8353 word-image-8354 A flash can be used to blind the killer and force him to drop the survivor he has with him. With good timing, the assassin can do nothing to avoid being blinded by the flash of the grenade as he picks up the Survivor. The killer is just hoping that the survivor he picks up is near a wall or a tree to hide from the blind man. This benefit will be popular with experienced survivalists and survivalists in groups of friends. Flash Bang can be one of Survivor’s meta-moves. Depending on the usage, many assassins will start using Lightborn to deal with Flash Bang.

Rookie Spirit

Leon Kennedy’s third unique skill is Beginner’s Mind, a trainable version of which appears on his Blood Web at level 40. This is how it works: Perform 5/4/3 good or excellent skill tests while repairing generators to activate the spirit of hazing before the end of the challenge. After activation, you can see the aura of the regression generators. The novice mentality is an interesting advantage, as the survivors currently only know that the generator reverberates when they see it. This perk not only shows the generators stretching across the map, but also gives you information on where the Assassin is located. This will tell you where to avoid and where to work safely with the generator.   word-image-8355 word-image-8356 I like that the behavior has benefits for all situations. Killers already have an ability that lets them know when the generator they hit has stopped going backwards, so it makes sense that survivors would have an ability that lets them know when the generator starts going backwards. I don’t expect Beginner’s Mind to be used much, as it’s overshadowed by the more powerful perks, but it’s a useful choice if you have few perks to choose from or are new to the game. If you want to see the benefits of Leon Kennedy in action, watch my video below. In Dead by Daylight Chapter Resident Evil , three unique Leon Kennedy privileges will appear. If you want to know more about the benefits of Jill Valentine, I have an article about her here. And if you want to know more about Nemesis, I have an article on its performance and benefits here. I hope my article helped you, and stay tuned for more guides on Dead by Daylight .

Frequently Asked Questions

What perks should I use in dead by daylight?

For this blog post, I’m going to be talking about Dead by Daylight’s perks. I’m going to show you each perk and list out which perk it’s compatible with. Some perks are better than others and some perks are worse than others. So, let’s get started. This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.

How does solidarity work DBD?

In this blog post, I am going to show you how you can use your special perks in Dead by Daylight. To do this I will be using Leon Kennedy’s Pro Level perks. So, I was playing Dead by Daylight last night and this kid Leon Kennedy came along and I noticed some awesome stuff: He has a perk called “Golden Ticket” which lets you re-spawn the killer when you die, and he has an item called “Vault Key” which opens up the safe where you find your special items.

What does nemesis do DBD?

In Dead by Daylight, there are plenty of people that are interested in the Build phase. This is the time split into multiple sections and each section tells you exactly what you must do to win the match. However, there is one section that is always skipped. That is the Nemesis section. Black Widow is one of the major antagonists in the Dead by Daylight game. The character is known for her intelligence and ambition, which are her main focuses on the character. She is able to make good use of her “Intelligence” perks, in which she can learn two perks from various characters. With her “Intelligence” perks, she can come up with a plan to escape, and a decoy to fool the killers into chasing away. With these perks, she is able to find a way to escape from the common predator, The Hillbilly/Hunting Party, without getting caught.

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