To get started, you’ll need to find a “weapon locker” located in the bottom left portion of your map. Once collected and unlocked, players can choose which secondary weapon they would like to use as their primary. Each one has its own unique set of skills that will help you along the way.

The “how to unlock new weapons deep rock galactic” is a guide on how to unlock secondary weapons in the game. The game has been out for about a year and there are still some secrets that haven’t been discovered yet.

How To Unlock Secondary Weapons Guide

28 May 2022 | Last Updated: 28 May 2022

Without some huge, hefty weapons and equipment, shooting games are no fun. The game Sniper Elite 5 has nailed the nail on the head. Players will enjoy employing a variety of firearms and tasks throughout the game.

It also includes several intriguing Secondary Weapons that will have your heart racing. These weapons, which aren’t snipers, are particularly handy in close-quarters combat.

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As the game develops, players will be required to employ them in a variety of circumstances. As a result, understanding the many types of weapons and how to obtain them in Sniper Elite 5 is crucial.

The following guide will assist you with all of the Secondary Weapons you will face during the game. 

Sniper-Elite-5-Secondary-WeaponsSecondary Weapons for Sniper Elite 5 Secondary Weapons for Sniper Elite 5

Secondary Weapons in Sniper Elite 5: How to Unlock Them

Six secondary weapons are available in Sniper Elite 5. Players will be able to get them both at the start of the game and as the game develops. Secondary Weapons, such snipers and handguns, will be obtained through completing tasks in the game.

Furthermore, these weapons may be obtained by fulfilling particular objectives during the missions. The following is a complete list of Secondary Weapons in the game, as well as information on how to get them: 

  • M1A1 GOV: When you first start the game,
  • SMG Welgun: As soon as you start the game. 
  • Finish Mission 6 with the Stengun MK2.
  • Finish the Kill Challenge in Mission 1 with Machine PIST.40.

Players must destroy the objective with an explosion in order to get the Machine PIST.40. As a result, players may accomplish their objectives by using grenades, canisters, and other weaponry.

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  • Complete the Kill Challenge in Mission 4 using Machine PIST.44.

A Rat Bomb must be used by the players. It may be found on the second floor of the building where you begin this mission. To set off the explosion, you must first get the target near to the bomb.

If it isn’t possible, you may take him out without killing him and carry him to the bomb yourself. Then set off an explosion. 

Sniper-Elite-5-Secondary-Weapons-CustomizationSecondary Weapons for Sniper Elite 5 Customization Secondary Weapons for Sniper Elite 5 Customization

  • Finish the Kill Challenge in Mission 5 with a score of 100.

To accomplish this challenge, you must bury the objective beneath concrete. As a result, you are unable to kill him. You must knock him unconscious so that he is unable to move. Carry the objective to the top of the building site after that.

Here is the concrete machine that you must utilize to complete the task. After the machine has finished spouting concrete, bury the objective in it to complete the assignment. 

As a result, here’s how to get all of the Secondary Weapons. You may modify and personalize your weapons at the many Workbenches scattered around the game when you obtain them.

When you move through various places, the Workbenches are indicated by a gold mark on the map. Secondary Weapons are very important, therefore grab them as early as possible. These, in addition to snipers and pistols, can considerably improve your chances of winning the game and emerging victorious. 

The “deep rock galactic weapon guide” is a guide that will teach you how to unlock and use the secondary weapons in deep rock galactic.

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