Dead by Daylight is a game that combines horror and action. It offers players the chance to play as either the killer or the survivor, and has been described as “a cross between Friday the 13th, Saw, and Left 4 Dead.” The game has seen success since its release in 2015, but it was not until January 2018 when it became one of the top 10 most played games on Steam.

Pinhead is one of the many characters in Dead by Daylight. He is a powerful and terrifying figure who has been seen in multiple movies and books.

The second licensed Killer to appear in Dead by Daylight is Pinhead. He offers three new Killer perks as well as a new Killer power. If you’re interested in learning more about Pinhead’s benefits, I wrote an essay about it here. In this essay, I’ll concentrate on Pinhead’s Pain’s Invocation ability.

Summons of Pain 

To construct a gateway, press and hold the power button, then release it to open it. To take control of a possessed chain, press the ability button after it has been unlocked. Pinhead may bind Survivors by directing the chain into them.  

A Survivor who is tethered to a chain is unable to run or execute hasty movements. As they are struck by a second and third chain, their movement speed will slow even further. Survivors may utilize the Break Free action or the items and walls surrounding them to break free from bonds. Pinhead will also break a Survivor’s chain if he walks through it, so he must be cautious while chasing one.pinhead-survivor-chainedpinhead-power-dead by daylight-survivor-chained

The legendary Lament Configuration is the second element of Pinhead’s power. The aura of the Lament Configuration may be seen by survivors, but not by Pinhead. If the Lament Configuration is left alone for too long, it will summon chains to hunt Survivors in a Chain Hunt.  

When a Survivor takes up the Lament Configuration, the Chain Hunt is over. By glancing at the Survivor frames, you can determine how near the Chain Hunt is to beginning. A blue chain is steadily filling up, and when it reaches the end, a Chain Hunt will commence.   

A Survivor with the Lament Configuration will have the Oblivious status effect, music will be played, and chains will be called to tie the Survivor on occasion. To get rid of the Lament Configuration, the Survivor must first solve it. The Cenobite will be able to teleport to their position while doing this.pinhead-power-lament-configuration-dead-by-daylightpinhead-power-deadbydaylight-lament-configuration-dead-by-daylight

After picking up the Lament Configuration, a Survivor is unable to drop it or take up any other things. If a Survivor has an item in their hand when they take up the Lament Configuration, they must drop it. 

A Chain Hunt is triggered when the Cenobite takes up the Lament Configuration. Furthermore, all Survivors are tied by shackles immediately, forcing them to scream and disclose their position. If a survivor with the Lament Configuration is taken out by the Cenobite, he will immediately utilize the Lament Configuration. After the Cenobite or a Survivor has utilized the Lament Configuration, it will spawn in a new place.  

Summons of Pain: How to Use Them

Another Killer with a high skill potential is Pinhead. At first, his possessed chain may be difficult to manage. These chains, with enough skill, may tie Survivors through windows and around corners. They’ve put themselves in the ideal situation for Pinhead to attack. Always keep in mind that possessed chains are best at controlling Survivors who are near to Pinhead.  

Pinhead can bind Survivors who are far away from him, but this is pointless. Survivors break free from his shackles much too fast for a strike to be made.possesed-chain-pinheadpossesed chain pinhead

Pinhead’s Lament Configuration is also useful. The greatest advantage of the Lament Configuration, in my opinion, is that it wastes the Survivor’s time. Every second that a Survivor spends going to and solving the Lament Configuration is a second that they are not on a generator. This helps Pinhead win the game by slowing it down.  

Pinhead receives his Chain Hunt for free if the Survivors opt to disregard the Lament Configuration. Plus, due of the random chains aimed against Survivors, generators will still be delayed. A Survivor’s activity is interrupted every time a chain strikes them. The Survivor must then break the chain before continuing their mission.  

As more Survivors are sacrificed, the Lament Configuration’s passive impact grows more potent. The Survivors who remain must choose between healing and being shackled, or risking their lives by solving the Lament Configuration.pinhead-solving-lament-configurationpinhead-solving-lament-configuration

It is not always the greatest choice to teleport to the Lament Configuration. Pinhead may easily be tricked into teleporting away from the survivors, or generators might be almost completed. Always remember that chasing a Survivor off a generator is preferable than chasing a Survivor doing nothing. Survivors who perform the Lament Configuration do not advance in the game and are thus a low priority.  

Of fact, teleporting to the Lament Configuration is a smart idea under certain circumstances. For instance, suppose there are only two Survivors remaining, and you just downed one of them. You may teleport to win the game if the final Survivor begins solving the Lament Configuration. Players will have to determine whether teleporting is helpful or not on a regular basis.   

This is not what you want to do if you’re looking for the Lament Configuration as Pinhead. Pinhead can’t see the Lament Configuration’s aura, thus it’d be like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, if you stumble across it, be sure to activate the Lament Configuration. teleporting-pinheadteleporting-pinhead-dead by daylight

Benefits of Using  

Pinhead is a basic attack Killer, which means his basic attack is his main method of doing damage. Pinhead responds favorably to perks that trigger basic assaults. Save the best for last, which will enable Pinhead to rapidly recover from striking Survivors. Sloppy Butcher is another excellent choice, since it adds Mangled to Survivors while also speeding up recovery.  

Franklin’s Demise will be a must-have for Pinhead if it works as well as it did on the PTB. Survivors are currently unable to remove the Lament Configuration. Franklin’s Death, on the other hand, will compel any Survivor to abandon it. Allowing Pinhead to immediately take it up. Keep in mind that this may be changed once Pinhead is released to the public.  

Many perks are compatible with Pinhead, so try out all of your favorite builds. A chasing/pallet breaking build or a generator delay construct are both viable options. Pinhead’s main flaw is that he can’t consistently move across the map at a fast pace. As a result, any perks that demand rapid travel, such as Tinkerer or Make Your Choice, are bad for him.  

Pinhead explains this in Dead by Daylight. Check out my video showing Pinhead on the PTB to witness his power in action.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Keep an eye out for future Dead by Daylight guides and info, and good luck in the fog!

The dbd mobile is a game that involves playing as Pinhead in Dead by Daylight. It can be downloaded for free on the iOS App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a Pinhead in DBD?

You can get a Pinhead in DBD by purchasing the Pinhead DLC for $2.99 on Steam.

What does the box do in DBD Pinhead?

The box is used to create a new game.

What killers can you play as in dead by daylight?

The following killers are available in Dead by Daylight:

  • hellraiser
  • dbd game
  • dead by daylight price
  • dead by daylight switch
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