How to make a solo public session in GTA Online

Solo public sessions in GTA Online are a way for players to make their own private session without having to worry about other players joining. This article will teach you how to make your own solo public session.

How to Make a Solo Public Session in GTA Online (PC)

Public sessions in GTA Online are a mixed bag, since you never know who will be in the lobby with you. It may be enjoyable at times, and you may even meet some interesting individuals with whom to play, but this is not always the case. In public sessions, you’ll almost certainly get griefed by every other player in the lobby. In a full session, doing any type of supply run or CEO activity is almost difficult, and since many activities need you to be in a public session, you can’t always get into a private one. That’s why knowing how to create a solo public session in GTA Online is useful.

We’ll look at one of the ways to spawn oneself into a solitary public lobby in GTA Online in this post (for PC).

Also, a comment on the “legality” of this method: I have yet to find any proof that utilizing it is a punishable infraction. But, as always, take caution. Because this approach successfully simulates a terrible internet connection, there’s no reason to believe Rockstar would notice or even notice if you used it.

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Open Task Manager first.

This solution makes use of Task Manager to temporarily disconnect GTA Online from the internet, allowing you to play alone. The first thing you should do is open your Task Manager. To do so, pick “Task Manager” from the right-click menu on your taskbar at the bottom of the screen. This is how it should look:

image image courtesy of HGG / Brett Moss

If you encounter this screen, you should click “more information” from here.

image-1-1024x676 image-1-1024x676 courtesy of HGG / Brett Moss

After enlarging it, or as soon as you select “Task Manager,” it should appear like this.

Open Resource Monitor in the second step.

Once you’ve arrived at the page shown in the second picture, choose the performance tab. After that, you should see an option to “Open Resource Monitor” at the bottom of the screen. If your screen looks like this, you’ve come to the correct place:

image-2 image-2 courtesy of HGG / Brett Moss

Step 3: Suspend GTA5.exe for a while.

Locate the “GTA5.exe” process and right-click it. “Suspend Process” should be one of the alternatives that appears. This is the one you should choose. GTA V will be closed if you click “End Process” (which means you will have to spend another 20 minutes waiting for it to re-open). Wait 10 seconds after clicking “Suspend Process,” then right-click it and choose “Resume Process.” After you’ve completed this, return to GTA V and check your player list to see whether it succeeded. On the bottom left of your screen, you’ll most likely notice a lengthy series of notifications indicating that gamers have gone.

image-3-1024x576 image-3-1024x576 Rockstar Games through HGG / Brett Moss image

Step 4: Have a good time!

You may now carry freight and conduct CEO business without fear of being hacked by someone with an Opressor. This approach is currently functioning on PC (May 2022), and I haven’t heard of any suspensions as a consequence of using it. So have fun, run supplies, and avoid getting into any problems!

Participate in the High Ground

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide on how to join a solo public session in GTA Online. Leave a comment below if you have any queries! Check out our other GTA Online posts, and remember to always hold the high ground!

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