The game is a 3D MMORPG set in the fictional world of V, where players can own their very own island and build their dream castle. Players are given five servants to start with: a maid, cook, butler, secretary and gardener. From there they’ll need to hire more workers by buying them from NPCs or finding them on the streets of V Rising’s open-world map.,

V Rising is a game that has been released recently. It allows players to get servants, which are the main characters in the game.

How-To-Get-Servants-In-V-RisingIn V Rising, How Do I Get Servants?

Servants may be used to protect your castle or to go out and get supplies. This article on In V Rising, How Do I Get Servants? will lead you through the process of hiring Servants to assist you in harvesting resources or defending your castle if it is attacked.

In the survival genre, having non-player characters (NPCs) beside you is becoming more prevalent. Age of Conan, for example, did an excellent job of implementing the functionality, enabling players to acquire slaves to unlock additional recipes and crafting possibilities. In V Rising, you have a similar system in which each individual you recruit is unique. You’ll be recruiting a lot of Servants over time since they all have various stats, skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

In V Rising, How Do I Get Servants?

Follow the “narrative,” the goals in the top left corner of the screen, if you wish to gain Servants. You will eventually be given the mission to construct a Servant Coffin. Once you’ve completed the Coffin, you’ll be given the Army of Darkness mission, in which you must use Dominating Presence to turn a human into a Servant.

To accomplish so, you must go out into the world and seek out any human adversary. They may be of any difficulty. The first one I hired had a Skull rating, allowing me to capture higher-level adversaries. When you get close to your target, hold CTRL and choose Dominating Presence. The Dominating Presence spell is then launched using the R ability.

It’s not a sure thing, and it may take a few attempts, but the human will finally succumb to your charms. They’ll then follow you around. Return to your castle and speak with the Servant Coffin to recruit him into your army. It may take many hours to break them in, depending on your Servant level and coffin benefits.

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