You are in need of materials to finish your Arceus’ ultimate forme. What is the best way to farm Pokeball material fast?

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, players can farm apricorn pokeballs by defeating the Legendary Pokemon. The apricorn pokeballs are used to evolve Arceus into a more powerful form.

How to farm Pokeball materials in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Farming ingredients for Pokeballs in Pokemon Legends Arceus might take a long time. However, if you know precisely where to go for the supplies, the procedure will go much more quickly. In this article, I’ll show you how to harvest all of the Pokeball ingredients in Pokemon Legends Arceus effectively. 


Apricorns are a necessary ingredient in the creation of Pokeballs, since each formula calls for one. Fortunately, Apricorns are numerous and easy to get by. All you have to do now is look for trees with brown fruit, which are Apricorn trees. You may use one of your Pokemon to harvest it after you’ve found one.  

I recommend utilizing Braviary to speed up the process of gathering apricorns. This will let you to move more swiftly while also avoiding unwanted Pokemon fights. You may begin at one end of the map and make your way to the other, passing through all of the tree-covered sections. Ride Wyrdeer instead of Braviary if you’re in a location with a lot of Apricorn Trees near together. After you’ve harvested all of the trees, return to town and then return to the zone. All of the Apricorns and berries from the trees you picked will respawn as a result of this.  

Apricorns may be harvested in all of Arceus’ zones, although the Obsidian Fieldlands is one of the greatest. The environment is simpler to travel than most of the other locations, which makes the Obsidian Fieldlands so appealing. It’s also the first zone you’ll encounter, thus all of the Pokemon you encounter here will be low-level if you have to battle or flee. Furthermore, since the trees in the Heartwood and Grandtree Arena sections are so close together, collecting them all takes very little time.


If you have a lot of money, it can be more cost effective to purchase the Apricorns rather than farm them. Apricorns may be purchased for 40 Pokemon Dollars apiece. Anvin, who is in Jubilife City standing next to a crafting station in the Craftworks across from Galaxy Hall, is the seller that sells them.  

Tumblestones come in three colors: normal, black, and sky. 

When you initially start the game, the next thing you’ll need is a tumblestone to make Pokeballs. One Tumblestone is required to make a Pokeball or Great Ball, while two are required to make an Ultra Ball. Tumblestone may be obtained by having your Pokemon demolish the orange mineral deposits that can be found across the terrain. Tumblestone mineral deposits may be found around cliffs, hills, caverns, and rivers, and they are extremely abundant. Tumblestone may be purchased from Anvin for 60 Pokemon Dollars. 

The Heavy Ball, Leaden Ball, and Gigaton Ball are all made from Black Tumblestone. Two Black Tumblestone are required for the Gigaton Ball, whereas just one is required for the other two. Only black tumblestone deposits produce black tumblestone. These are more common in the places you access later in the game and are more scarce than the orange Tumblestone deposits. On slopes, among cliffs, and in caves, black tumblestone deposits may be discovered. For 80 Pokemon Dollars, you may purchase Black Tumblestone. 

The Feather Ball, Wing Ball, and Jet Ball are all made from Sky Tumblestone. Two Sky Tumblestone are required for the Jet Ball, whereas just one is required for the other two. Only found on the tops of mountains and hills, Sky Tumblestone is more prevalent at higher altitudes. Blue Tumblestone deposits are the sole source of Sky Tumblestone. Sky Tumblestone may be purchased for 100 Pokemon Dollars.


To harvest a Tumblestone deposit, you must first find it and then throw a Pokemon at it. Tumblestone deposits may be found in many mountainous places, therefore Wyrdeer and Braviary are the ideal ways to get there.  

The Obsidian Fieldlands are one of the greatest places to cultivate diverse Tumblestone deposits. The mountains that surround the map have a lot of Tumblestone, Black Tumblestone, and Sky Tumblestone deposits. You’ll need to travel to the Fieldlands Camp and then to the Floaro Gardens region to farm the Tumblestone deposits. Go to the top of the mountains around Lake Verity, just north of the Floaro Gardens label on the map. Once you’ve arrived, just sprint down the mountain range, where you’ll discover plenty of Tumblestone. The mountains around Lake Verity have a very significant abundance of Tumblestone.

Make your way down the mountain when you reach the end of the mountain range, which is immediately below Lake Verity. You should accomplish this since there is a lot of Tumblestone on the slope below. Take a little detour towards Sandgem Flats while staying close to the slope, and then return north to Aspiration Hill. There is plenty of Tumblestone if you stick to the slope.

You may return to Jubilife after crossing the river to reset all of the Tumblestone Deposits, and then return to the Obsidian Fieldlands. On the map below, I’ve marked the path with a red line.


Chunks of Iron 

Chunks of Iron are also essential for creating strong Pokeballs. The Great Ball, Leaden Ball, and Wing Ball require one Iron Chunk to make. The Ultra Ball, Gigaton Ball, and Jet Ball require two Chunks of Iron to make. There are multiple ways to get Chunks of Iron. First it is possible to get them from Tumblestone, Black Tumblestone, or Sky Tumblestone deposits. The chance of getting them is not 100% but you can get a lot this way.  

The second way to get Chunks of Iron is by finding them on the ground. Chunks of Iron are usually found on top of mountains like Sky Tumblestone and are a bit harder to see. They look like silver Chunks of Iron on the ground. The last way to get Chunks of Iron is by buying them for 200 Pokemon Dollars from Anvin. 

You can farm Chunks of Iron with the route I explained above for Tumblestone. The mountains in the Obsidian Fieldlands have a lot of Chunks of Iron on them. Plus since there is a lot of Tumblestone deposits you are bound to get a lot of Chunks of Iron from them as well.


That’s all there is to know about farming Pokeball ingredients in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Keep an eye out for additional Arceus instructions in the Pokemon Legends series.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you farm Pokeballs arceus?

A: If you have enough Pokeballs, and are following the beat of a Pokemon battle theme, youll be able to catch them. This will not work if it is an entirely different song.

How do you get great balls in Legends arceus?

A: There is no way to get great balls in the game.

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