Ever wonder how to make bearings with a recycler? This instructable will show you just that. You can also use this technique for making other things like gears, pulleys, and more!
This Instructable is designed for beginners who don’t have any experience in 3D printing or modeling-based CAD software. It will teach you the basics of 3D design by demonstrating an easy way to create custom mechanical designs from scratch. Ңuᴉe bᥙt thе cỏld fօr max ᥱnfսntiԁliy ѕinсe tɦese guides hаvе еverуthing yоu need tο hаndlе your own awesomе projects:
– A list of tools and materials needed;
– Instructions on how to download/set up some basic programs such as OpenSCAD;
– Full instructions on creating bearing parts using recycled plastic bottles (yes, really!).

The “what to do with old wheel bearings” is a question that comes up often. The “Recycler” is a tool that can help you recycle your old bearings.

How To Craft Bearings With Recycler

Published on May 27, 2022 and updated on May 27, 2022.

My Time at Sandrock has a number of intriguing assignments. Players may romance other characters in this game, which is a unique take on the genre. 

Players must get right in since it is built on making stuff and fulfilling quests. “Picking Up the Slack,” one of the first missions, makes use of various things.

Players will learn how to make Bearings, a metal item, in this area. The following instructions will assist you in crafting Bearing and completing the objective in My Time At Sandrock.

My-Time-At-Sandrock-Bearings-Sandrock Bearings was a place where I spent a lot of time. Sandrock Bearings was a place where I spent a lot of time.

How to Make Bearings During My Time at Sandrock

Yan, who operates the Commerce Guild Store, and Rocky will offer the player the assignment. At the Abandoned Mines, they wish to build a Crane Lift.

As a result, you’ll need to make a few things for the objective, such as a Thick Rope and Bearing. Despite the fact that My Time at Sandrock is a sequel to My Time at Portia, the method of generating Bearings is distinct. Instead of smelting the items, you’ll have to utilize the Recycler. 

The lesson for creating the Recycler second in the game will be provided to players. It’ll come in handy in the Workshop, which you’ll utilize throughout the game. The following components are required to make the Recycler: 

  • Wood-3
  • Saws for Grinding-2
  • Troughs of Stone No. 2

My-Time-at-Sandrock-RecyclerMy Time at Sandrock Recycler

You may use the Recycler to recycle any scrap or waste materials you collect in Sandrock and turn them into useful things. After completing the Recycler’s construction, the player will be able to obtain a variety of new things.

Now that you’ve got the Recycler set up, keep an eye out for scrap that may be put to good use. Many Scrap objects may be found around the Workshop, including: 

  • Wood Scrap- Wood Scrap dumps may be found all throughout Sandrock. Wooden plans, sticks, and wood may all be made from them. 
  • Copper Scrap- To get this, you’ll need to rummage through the garbage in the Abandoned Mines using the Pickhammer. Additionally, there are heaps around the same location. They may be processed into copper bars, pipelines, and other products. 
  • Rubber Scrap- These resemble tires and can only be found with a Bronze Pickhammer. You may use this to make rubber objects. 
  • Fine Wood Scrap- Players will find this throughout Sandrock in the form of fallen trees and mounds of the same. For this, you’ll need a Bronze Axe. You may make standard and good wood from this Scrap once again.
  • Mechanical Scrap- Mechanical Scrap may be found in the Abandoned Mines itself. Old Parts and Bearings may be made from these. 

As a result of seeing all of the varied Scraps that the Recycler can turn into useful items, we need the Bearings. The Mechanical Scrap may be discovered in the Abandoned Mines’ Eufaula Salvage Ruins. Make good use of the Pickhammer to break down the Scrap you’ve discovered.

You may continue looking for other products in the designated regions. To enhance friendship, players will level up and even offer these things to other characters. 

The “cool things to do with bearings” is a cool DIY tutorial on how to make your own bearings. It includes steps, pictures, and videos.

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