The popular action RPG Elden Ring is coming to the Nintendo Switch! This guide will teach you how to beat Mad Pumpkin Head enemies in this beloved game.

The “two mad pumpkin head elden ring” is a unique enemy in the game Elden Ring. The enemies have an attack pattern that can be easily defeated with two weapons.

The Mad Pumpkin Head is unique in that he wears a pumpkin on his head. To some extent, yes. It’s basically a big pumpkin-shaped helmet, but what’s the fun in that? This opponent appears as a boss in two places and as a weaker, regular enemy in others. We’ll look at both the boss and lesser forms of this opponent, as well as its backstory, in this article.

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Elden Ring Lore: Mad Pumpkin Head

There isn’t a lot of information on the Mad Pumpkin Head, but we can figure out who it is based on the descriptions on its spirit ash and helmet.

  • It is a “crazy soldier” who has “stifled his terror behind the gloomy confines of his helmet,” according to the spirit ashes.
  • This matches the Pumpkin Helm’s description: “The interior of the helm is pitch black, protecting the insane warrior within from panicking.”
  • The soldier beneath the helmet also suffers from “pressure and claustrophobia,” according to the report. 
  • The “humming of insects” and “bloodshed” prompt the Mad Pumpkin Head spirit ashes to go on the rampage.

We can obtain a good idea of the Mad Pumpkin Head’s mental condition from these descriptions. It’s a soldier who’s gone insane and is terrified. We’re not sure why he’s so worried, or why he’s wearing such a huge Pumpkin Helm, but we do know he’s not pleased with either.

He was previously a gladiator, according to the final paragraph on the Mad Pumpkin Head Ashes. “All that’s left of a shattered gladiator is this crazed soldier.” The Mad Pumpkin Head is no longer the gladiator he once was, as his helm is the only thing keeping him from going completely insane.

Fight Against a Single Boss

20220524161032_1-1024x576 Mad Pumpkin Head Boss Fight (Solo) Image: FromSoftware & Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Brett Moss

The Mad Pumpkin Head will most likely appear as a boss for the first time near the lake in Limgrave, at the Waypoint Ruins. All you have to do to discover this boss is head to the Waypoint Ruins and look for the stairway that leads down into a tiny subterranean room. Just through a fog gate, you’ll find the Mad Pumpkin Head.

The Elden Ring wiki lists the following resistances:

  • Physical Slash, Lightning, Bleed, and Frostbite are all weaknesses.
  • Physical Strikes are something that you should be wary about.

How to Defeat the Solo Boss, Mad Pumpkin Head

Fighting the Mad Pumpkin Head isn’t very tough, but it might become a battle if you employ the incorrect weapons. Physical Slash weapons (katanas, scythes, and so on) are the most effective against him, while Physical Strike weapons (maces, fist weapons, and so on) are the least effective.

Also incredibly effective against him are Lightning, Bleed, and Frostbite. The ideal method to approach the battle would be to use a slash weapon with one of those characteristics. Something like a Uchigatana or a cold weapon, with its natural bleed build-up, would be ideal.

In terms of the battle itself, you won’t have to worry about the Mad Pumpkin Head’s incredible combinations. Because most of his combinations are just two movements long, they’re rather simple to avoid. But be careful not to knock him in the head, since the Pumpkin Helm he’s wearing will nullify practically all damage. Because landing jump strikes with some weapons is difficult, stick to slashing his legs or jumping attack from behind to dodge the helm.

The way the Mad Pumpkin Head responds to sleep is another intriguing aspect of the boss battle. If you put him to sleep and then wake him up without the critical attack, he will get enraged and attack any teammates around. In the duet form of this boss, this is very beneficial.

Fight between two bosses

20220524162144_1-1024x576 Mad Pumpkin Head Boss Fight (Duo) Image: FromSoftware & Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Brett Moss

FromSoft couldn’t help but include a pair of Mad Pumpkin Head boss fights in the game, although this pair isn’t quite as aggravating as some of the later ones. The Pumpkin Heads seem to have many of the same flaws as the original edition. The same can be said about their real resistances (to blood, cold, and so on), which have been marginally increased but not much. 

How to Defeat the Pumpkin Head Boss Duo’s Madness

This battle features two Pumpkin Heads, one wielding a flail and the other with a big hammer. Both seem to be aggressive in equal measure, and the boss arena is wide open, so you frequently have to deal with both at the same time.

On the plus side, none is very aggressive. Running around in circles until you locate an opening is the ideal tactic for this battle. Because the hammer one has a couple potentially lethal combinations, I suggest dealing with him first.

Then go on to the flail version that started it all. You may even have one of them attack the other for you by using the sleep mechanism. Put one to sleep and don’t assault it; it’ll get enraged and attack an ally.

Enemies with a Smaller Pumpkin Head

20220524163055_1-1024x576 Enemies with a Smaller Pumpkin Head Image: FromSoftware & Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Brett Moss

Throughout the game, there are five known lesser Mad Pumpkin Head opponents. Castle Morne, the Atlus Plateau, Raya Lucaria Academy, Fort Haight, and Limgrave all have them. These people have a lot in common with their bosses. You should be OK if you attack them in the same manner you would the boss versions.

According to the wiki, their drops are as follows:

  • Flail with Chainlinks (4 percent chance)
  • Helmet of the Pumpkin (3 percent chance)
  • Stone of the Sanctuary (100 percent chance)
  • Stonesmithing (5 percent chance)

Be a part of the High Ground

Thank you for taking the time to read about Elden Ring’s Mad Pumpkin Head! Hopefully, this information has been of use to you, and best of luck in your battles with the boss (es). Let us know what you think of this foe in the comments section below, and don’t forget to sign up for our email for special bargains and stories!

Have fun gaming!

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