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The “elden ring fringe folk hero’s grave items” is a location in Elden Ring. It contains the items that are needed to beat the game.

How to Beat Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero's Grave


If you’re having problems completing the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave, this guide will assist you in completing it quickly.

You’ve probably been collecting Stonesward Keys if you’ve been playing Elden Ring. If you have a few Stonesward Keys, you may enter the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave, which is located under the instructional dungeon.

You’ll be pursued about by a spinning bladed death machine that kills you in one hit at the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave, so it’s almost like a problem of time and dodging enemy assaults.

Let’s start with directions to the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave.

The Grave of Elden Ring, a Folk Hero from the Fringe

When you have two Stonesward Keys, go to the Stranded Graveyard waypoint, which is the waypoint at the beginning of the game, just after you complete the instructional dungeon.

elden ring fringe folk hero's grave location

One of the walls is shut off by magical energy, and an imp statue may be found nearby. Interact with the imp statue and give it your Stonesward Keys to remove the barrier, allowing you to reach the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Gave.

Beating the Grave of the Elden Ring Folk Hero

elden ring fringe folk hero's grave

Descend the stairwell. You’ll start to get poison accumulation after you reach the bottom. Turn right at the end of the hall as fast as you can. You’ll be secure from the toxins there.

Watch for a machine with bladed wheels to come up the ramp, spin around, and return down in the next sector. This is the area’s greatest stumbling block. You will perish if you contact this object.

elden ring fringe folk hero's grave

Following after the death car and hiding in one of the alcoves along the side of the wall before the death car reaches the end of its course, turns around, and runs you over is the primary mechanic of this sector. To throw you off balance, enemies are lurking in several of the alcoves.

In the most basic terms, that is the task, but it is easier said than done, and there are a few strategies to assist you complete this section more quickly.

The first is that you may leap down to the following ramp on the righthand side as you travel down, in the final alcove on the right before the bottom of the first ramp, to save time and get a head start.

elden ring fringe folk hero's grave

When the death vehicle passes you on the way up, leap out of the way and dash down the ramp. When you reach the finish, take a left and you’ll come to a fork. The boss is on the left, while a miniboss is on the right. You should start on the right.

Normally, you’ll be hopping from alcove to alcove to dodge the death vehicle throughout the whole stretch leading up to this fork, but if you leap and run, you can make it all the way to the first alcove on either side of the fork if you don’t stop.

The correct way is quite obvious. You’ll encounter a stronger-than-average knight at the finish, and killing him will provide you the Dragon Communion Seal, which is useful if you’re a Prophet who uses dragon magic or if you merely need a Seal for a few Incantations like Cure Poison. Unlike other Seals, it has no weight, thus you may equip it without consequence.

Return to the first alcove you passed before the fork. You’ll be continuing down the ramp in the same way as if you had gone left at the bifurcation before.

When it’s time, dash to the left alcove as you descend the ramp. There’s a ruse going on here. Defeat the adversaries without succumbing to the death vehicle, and then leap up onto this little ledge.

If you follow this instruction, standing on this ledge will fool the death vehicle into believing you’re on the second ramp, the one you bypassed by leaping out the window. It will pass over your head if you wait here.

elden ring fringe folk hero's grave

Leave this alcove as soon as the death vehicle passes above and dash all the way down the ramp, dodging the opponents that arrive.

As you near the bottom, look to your right for an aperture with a door leading into the boss area. There’s a Stake of Marika here, so you won’t have to complete a corpse run to get back here if you die.

Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave – Ulcerated Tree Spirit

You’ll have an encounter with the Ulcerated Tree Spirit if you make it to the bottom of the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave.

Even though you may reach the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave right away if you start your character with the optional Stonesward Keys, this is an extremely tough boss battle. I’d honestly suggest not tackling it until after the first dungeon or so (Stormveil Castle).

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit is a fast-moving tree spirit that causes a lot of damage. It’s a typical rushdown monster, and if you’ve played the game long enough, you’ll have developed your own method for dealing with quick bosses that get in your face and remain there.

You’ll gain a Golden Seed and the Banished Knight Oleg Ashes if you beat it.

For the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave Guide, that’s about all. More RPG instructions may be found on the main page, and more Elden Ring tutorials can be found in the Elden Ring area.

The “elden ring auriza hero’s grave boss” is a difficult part in the game that can be very frustrating. With this guide, you should have no problem defeating the boss and moving on to the next area.

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