In the world of silver investing, there are many strategies to help mitigate risk. The best way to avoid going into silver sickness is by building a plan for your future before you dip into it and making sure that you maintain enough funds in other investments outside of this. Take these 3 steps today before putting any more money down on something that could eventually become a loss

“Silver Sickness is a term used to describe the feeling of being overburdened with silver. It’s a common problem among players who want to get all the rewards they can in a game.”

Originally Published: June 13, 2022; Updated: June 13, 2022

In V Rising, there is a love-hate connection between silver and vampires. For a very long time, the element has been a threat to vampires everywhere, in a variety of settings. However, there are certain game-related tasks for which players will need Silver.

A vampire is thus more likely to sustain injury from silver the more of it they come into contact with. In the game, it is referred to as “silver exposure or silver illness.” If they are carrying Silver, vampires experience a periodic decrease in HP. To create Dark Silver Ingots, which are required to create gear, players must have Silver Ore.

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On the other hand, dealing with NPC merchants requires Silver Coins. Even though you may not first notice the health decline, it will eventually become deadly. So it’s crucial to understand how to protect oneself against Silver’s negative consequences.

Thankfully, V Rising offers strategies for maintaining your health and carrying Silver wherever you go. The steps for developing silver resistance are listed in the guidance that follows.

V-Rising-Silver-SicknessV Rising - Silver Sickness Silver Sickness by V Rising

How to prevent Silver Sickness with V Rising

Three strategies for self-defense are provided in the game. Each of these approaches is compatible with the others, therefore they are not mutually exclusive. What are the three methods? 

  • by taking on the appearance of a Bear. All other Resistances are also increased by 25% as well as damage resistance. Players may absolutely employ this technique since it also takes into account Silver Resistance. Players must find and defeat Ferocious the Bear boss in order to transform into a bear. It resides in the Bear Cave, which is east of Farbane Woods, and is a Level 36 V Blood carrier. You will thus be able to transfer Silver Coins in the game after fighting the Bear. 
  • The second method is to put on clothing or armor that provides +15 Silver Resistance by default. These consist of: 
  1. Serpent Cloak by Razer
  2. The Hunter’s Coat
  3. King’s Immortal Robe
  4. Crystal Ice Cloak of Ashfolk
  5. Serpent Mantle by Razer
  6. Wildfire Ashfolk Cloak
  7. Mantle of the Eternal King
  8. The Phantom’s Coat

V-Rising-Gaining-ResistanceV Rising - Gaining Resistance Gaining Resistance as V Rising

  • Drinking created potions is the game’s last means of defense against the Silver Sickness’s evil. These may be created on the alchemy table and provide momentary resistance to damage from silver. 
  1. 20 minutes of +50 Silver resistance using the Silver Resistance Potion. 
  2. Silver Resistance Brew for 20 minutes: +15 Silver Resistance

These are the techniques that will shield you from Silver’s negative impacts. Players must use caution while transporting them, however, since some of the techniques aren’t particularly reliable or practical in all circumstances. 

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