“Lost Ark is a survival game with an emphasis on exploration, adventure and deep crafting. It’s the one of only two games developed in collaboration with Studio Wildcard.” The dev team has added an auto-loot option that its users are split over whether they like or hate due to it sometimes killing them without giving enough resources. Here I explain how you can choose what items get dropped when your character dies by altering settings at the end of each run titled “Loot Settings” inside Lost Ark’s main menu

Lost Ark is a game that has been out for quite some time. The game is set in a world where the protagonist has to find their way home and survive. In order to do this, players need to explore and fight enemies. One of the ways players can fight enemies is by using weapons. Weapons are found throughout the map, but they also come from loot boxes that have been scattered around the map. Players can choose to auto-loot or manually loot each box they come across. Read more in detail here: lost ark loot boxes.

How To Auto Loot In Lost Ark

How To Auto-Loot In Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Lost Ark, like other ARPGs, features a ton of stuff to acquire and locate. This Lost Ark auto looting tutorial describes how to set up an auto looting mechanism so you can loot quickly and set conditions for what you want to be auto looted as you move through the game.

It’s rather usual for current ARPG games to have some kind of automated loot system. Because of the treasure-driven nature of the games, players are often trapped clicking repeatedly in order to get the most and greatest stuff from the monster they just slain. Lost Ark does include an auto loot function, but it’s not tucked away in the settings menu; instead, it’s linked to a game element called Pets.

How To Auto-Loot In Raiders Of The Lost Ark

How To Auto-Loot In Raiders Of The Lost Ark The auto loot feature in Lost Ark is provided via the pet system. You may either buy a pet from the Lost Ark shop or obtain one for free by completing the Guide Quest that serves as a tutorial for the pets. You must meet the Priest at the church after Prideholme is invaded by demons and you have rescued all of the townspeople. When a Guide Quest becomes available, you will be notified. You will get a White Bunny Pet if you complete this task.

To access the Auto Loot option, open the pet interface (ALT+P) and then pick the cog next to Basic Stats. You may set what you want the pet to Auto Loot here. You can adjust the item’s tier, whether it loots currencies, and anything else.

  • Auto Loot is a feature in Raiders of the Lost Ark, although it isn’t buried away in a menu.
  • You must follow the main plot until immediately after the demons invade Prideholme before you may Auto Loot.
  • You meet the priest in the church after the incident, and a Guide Quest becomes available.
  • Accept and finish the guide quest to get a free White Bunny.
  • To enter the pet interface, press ALT+P and then pick the cog next to Basic Stats.
  • Select “go” after assigning the auto loot rules you wish.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

Long before you locate trees to chop down, you earn the ability to chop them down. This tutorial on How To Chop Down Trees In Lost Ark will show you where to locate the trees you can chop down so you can level up your Logging skill and unlock new abilities and perks.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

ARPGs are well-known for providing enough treasure to field a full army of men. This article on How To Dismantle Items In Raiders Of The Lost Ark will show you how to turn your obsolete junk equipment into more valuable resources by deconstructing it into supplies. You may always sell your garbage, which is a good alternative since you will make more money.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

A different decision in Raiders of the Lost Ark influences the destiny of a brash bandit commander. This Rescue Or Ignore Choice in Lost Ark guide will explain what happens if you choose to let the bandit leader get devoured by the enormous worm or try to save him.


CaptainCamper’s Lost Ark Guides was published on February 8, 2022.

Sonar is a unique Trade Skill that you may learn after you’ve mastered making. This tutorial on How To Utilize Sonar In Raiders Of The Lost Ark will show you how to use the Sonar talent to find artifacts and hidden valuables that can be found with the Excavating Skill.

The “lost ark rare drops” is a feature in the game “Lost Ark”. It allows the player to automatically loot items when they are killed. The player can also set up a timer for how long they want it to take before the items are looted.

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