I thought it was a really cool game, but I also hate that you can’t delete your character’s saves. The only way to get rid of them is when they become corrupted, which happens sometimes and might lead to crashes in the game. Thankfully there are ways around this tedious problem! It doesn’t make sense how GTA 4 saves could still be on the computer after deleting everything else off of it…

The “gta 4 how to delete saves xbox one” is a question that has been asked many times before. The answer is simple: you can’t. To delete GTA 4 saves, you will need to uninstall the game and reinstall it again.

How do I delete GTA 4 saves? |

In the games list, look for GTA IV and click on it. Depending on the game, you’ll get a list of all the game saves, DLC, personal settings, and so on. I suppose you should locate the save you want to remove and hit ‘Y’ on it:) Your save data for GTA IV should be saved in C:/Users/YourName/AppData/Local/Rockstar Games/GTAIV/Savegames on PC.

Similarly, where may GTA 4 save files be found?


As a result, the question is: how do you save your GTA 4 game? Manually save your work.

  1. Simply go to your bed and stand near to it when you arrive at the safehouse.
  2. There should be a save button on the screen. To save your progress manually, use the relevant button.

So, in GTA 5, how do you erase saves?


  1. In your PDA, go to System. Then you’d be presented with a number of possibilities. Select Clear Save from the menu bar. Then, to clear your save, choose it. In the confirmation dialog, choose Yes.
  2. Clear? Is it as if you’re deleting the save slot? Go to system by pressing start. For your save slot, you have a few alternatives. KaiBlaze is a user with the username KaiBlaze.

How can I remove GTA V from my PC?

Load Steam and right click on Grand Theft Auto V. SelectUninstall > Delete. Go to the location Steaminstalled Grand Theft Auto V (Default C:Program Files(x86)SteamsteamappscommonGrand Theft Auto V ) Delete anyadditional files/folders in this location.

Answers to Related Questions

In GTA 4, how many missions are there?

There are a total of 34 tasks in Broker-Dukes and Bohan (27 in Broker-Dukes, 7 in Bohan). Bellic – The Cousins Before meeting Roman Bellic and taking him to his flat, watch the introduction. It’s Your Call – Take Roman to a hardware shop, where he can pick up his old phone and flee the debt sharks.

What is the location of GTA 5?

GTA 5’s setting and location. The sun-drenched and smog-choked metropolis of Los Santos, San Andreas, will be our destination in Grand Theft AutoV! Unlike GrandTheft Auto: San Andreas from 2004, however, this time it will just cover Southern California in general, not the whole state plus Nevada.

Is it true that starting a new game in Skyrim deletes the previous one?

Yes. The chapter progress, as well as acquired benefits, will be wiped when beginning a New Game by selectingNew from the main menu. Collectibles and option settings are not deleted when you start a new game. You’ll have to manually erase the player profile save outside of the game if you wish to reset them.

How can you make more room on your PS4?

To see exactly how much space each game is takingup, head to Settings > System Storage Management >Applications. To delete one or more games, press the“Options” button on your controller and select“Delete”. Select the games you want to delete andselect the “Delete” button.

How do you remove your PlayStation 4 account?

[edit] Delete a PS4 User

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. From the menu, choose “Login Setting.”
  3. Select “User Management” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose “Remove User” and then the profile you want to delete. That concludes our discussion. You’ve finally gotten rid of that annoying profile on your console.

How do I make my PS4 steep again?

What is the procedure for resetting the game?

  1. Choose Options from the opening menu.
  2. Choose Game Settings from the Options menu.
  3. At the bottom of the Game Settings screen, you’ll see the option to ResetSave Data.

How can I erase save data on the Xbox One version of MGSV?

Scroll down to Stored Data in the menu on the left side of the screen, then highlight the saved data for yourgamertag on the right and hit the A button on your controller. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to delete this game savedata: Thissave’s local copy is deleted when you delete it from the console.

What’s the best way to start a fresh crew game?

This is how you begin a new game. Unfortunately, there is no convenient way to accomplish this from inside the game on any platform. Instead, you’ll need to go into your system’s settings, locate the game save, and manually remove it.

How can you erase saved games on the Xbox 360 version of GTA 5?

Go to Settings > System > Storage > Select theDrive it’s on > Games and Apps > Find GTA V. Selectit. Under there you should see the different items separated outincluding each saved game.

What is the procedure for uninstalling Games for Windows Live GTA 4?

  1. 1) Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Uninstall aprogram.
  2. 2) Select “uninstall” from the “Microsoft Games for Windows – LIVERedistributable” menu.
  3. 3) Download and install this : official latest “GFWL &marketplace client”[www.xbox.com]
  4. 4) Try to start the game; if it works, go ahead and play your game; if it doesn’t, go ahead and read Part II.

What is the procedure for resetting GTA V?

You can reset your GTA V, but not get anold back up without doing system restore on windows. On steam go toLibrary>Games>Right-Click on GTAV>Properites>Local Files>Verify Integrity ofgame Cache will will reset your game like the firstday.

How can I get Lspdfr to work?

It excludes the automated installer (setup).

  1. Download the newest Rage Plugin Hook as well as LSPDFR. DownloadLSPDFR.
  2. Downloaded files should be extracted. The easiest approach to install LSPDFR is to unpack the files into your Grand Theft Auto V folder after it has been downloaded.
  3. Check the installation.
  4. The game is being launched.

gta 4 save files” is a question that has been asked many times. This article will explain how to delete GTA 4 saves and what the consequences are if you don’t.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are GTA 4 save files stored?

A: The game saves are stored in the folder Grand Theft Auto IV/Data within a sub-folder named saves.

How do I delete GTA 4 saves on Xbox one?

A: To delete your GTA 4 saves on Xbox one, first make sure that you have a recent backup. If this is the case, go to your storage settings and select Manage Storage. Here you should find both XBOX One backups as well as associated save files for individual games. Select Delete Backup from here to start deleting every single file in said location (not just the ones related to each game).

How do you reset GTA 4?

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