For many, eating bread is the greatest source of carbs in their diet. Bread is the perfect food to load up on for a quick energy boost. However, for those looking to lose weight, eating bread can be a hazard, as it provides an instant hit of carbohydrates to the blood.

Bread is one of the staple foods that we need to eat. But if we eat it wrong, eating too much of it, or eating it with the wrong type of food, our blood sugar levels can rise too quickly. So, what is the right way to eat bread? This article discusses the different types of bread you can eat, and compares their effects on blood sugar levels with the effects of sugar.

Do you think whole wheat bread is a good choice? Can it help you control your blood sugar? Not necessary.

If you look at the chart above (by the eminent Dr. David Unwin), you will see that there is very little difference in the effect on blood sugar between the different types of plain bread. A serving of either is equivalent to several teaspoons of sugar. If you have diabetes, it’s best to avoid it altogether.

Is there a better option if you really want a bread that doesn’t affect your blood sugar? Sure, just check out our low-carb bread recipes below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bread is lowest on the glycemic index?

The bread with the lowest glycemic index is a whole-wheat bread.

What type of bread does not raise blood sugar?

A low-carbohydrate diet is typically high in protein and fat, which can help to keep blood sugar levels stable.

Why does different foods affect blood glucose levels?

Different foods affect blood glucose levels in different ways. Some foods, such as bread and potatoes, are digested quickly and cause a rapid rise in blood glucose levels. Other foods, such as vegetables and fruit, are digested more slowly and cause a gradual rise in blood glucose levels.

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