Fall is a game that challenges players to navigate through the sky while avoiding obstacles in order to reach safety. The difficulty ramps up quickly, and many are left wondering how they can get past these difficult levels without any guides.

The “Horizon Forbidden West Walkthrough” is a guide that will help you beat the game. The walkthrough includes a map, and all the items you need to collect in order to complete the game.

Horizon Forbidden West Tilda | How to Beat – Guide Fall

You’ve finally reached the end of Horizon Forbidden West’s last task. Tilda, with her remarkable armor, is unlike any other tough adversary Aloy has met thus yet. This battle will force you to use what you’ve learned and practiced. Here are some helpful hints for winning your last fight and saving the Forbidden West.

In Horizon Forbidden West, how can you beat Tilda?

Horizon-Forbidden-West_20220226003038-640x360In Horizon Forbidden West, how can you beat Tilda?

To defeat Tilda, the Specter Prime’s whole weaponry must be used to do damage. While attempting to protect yourself from some of her assaults, aim for the weak points. Her melee assaults are the most straightforward to avoid.

Horizon Forbidden West’s last battle is here. You’ll be wearing the Specter Prime, a Far Zenith exoframe, when you encounter Tilda. This is a very strong set of armor that will provide you a lot of protection against the last fight. Tilda is a level 45 boss that is encountered in the “Singularity” quest. Because she is resistant to Fire, Shock, and Purgewater damage, you should concentrate your attacks on Acid and Plasma damage.

Because of Tilda’s many and strong strikes, this is a challenging battle. She has the ability to fire lasers and tiny electric projectiles. Tilda can even throw fire from her legs, which is a formidable skill. Even if you may avoid receiving damage from them by staying a safe distance away from her, they might happen so quickly that it’s difficult to escape them all. She, on the other hand, finally performs a series of melee assaults that you may avoid by rolling into the attack in her direction rather than the opposite.

It’s critical to maintain a high level of Acid damage throughout the battle. When you notice the bar falling low, just fire Acid Arrows to help destroy her armor. There are a lot of weak areas in the armor, but only a handful are simple to target. It’s a no-brainer that she has antennas on both her head and her back.

When you see them open, fire whatever you have in your hand. The pulse cannon is a weak place in her chest that may be used as a weapon if you can separate it from her. The armor covering a sphere in the centre of the armor gets destroyed after some damage. In the remainder of the battle, this is a nice weak point to target.

Here are some more Horizon Forbidden West guides.

The “horizon forbidden west final boss” is the final boss of Horizon Forbidden West. The fight against this boss is different from all the others, as it requires a lot of planning and strategy to beat.

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