The best-selling sandbox game is now available on Steam with a brand new interface, as well as in-game content and item updates.

The “steamworld headhunter” is a new game that was released on Steam. It has been officially released with new features, new monetization, and no server wipe.

Hex crawl MMO World Seed officially releases on Steam with new features, new monetization, and no server wipe


World Seed, a hex crawling MMO akin to TTRPG, has been on a unique development path. The game was first revealed in 2020, and an effort to Kickstart a “2.0” edition of the game failed, but development continued, with a Steam early access debut in February and an upgrade in March that modified ring progression, squashed equipment levels, and prioritized tier above level.

Early access is now finished, as Ape Egg has officially published the game today, replete with a new monetization plan that includes an in-game shop that accepts the Sap money. Players who wish to explore the game’s environment outside of Ring 1 will have to pay 50 Sap (about $9) for a game license, while those who bought the game in early access will get it for free.

The entire launch also includes the inclusion of the Steam overlay, an enhanced character sheet, new dungeons, wild markets, an inn where more party members may be recruited, and a reworking of elemental weapon procs. Because the developers feel World Seed “is supposed to be experienced at your own speed and we do not anticipate the early advancement of the game to be a competitive aspect,” the launch will not reset early access character progress.


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