Halo Infinite Season 2: Battle Pass Explained + Rewards are now live! Here’s a quick guide to the new rewards and special events that you’ll experience.

The “halo infinite battle pass rewards” is a new way to earn in-game items. The Battle Pass provides players with an opportunity to unlock rewards as they play through the season.

Halo Infinite Season 2: Battle Pass Explained + Rewards

The new season of Halo Infinite is finally arrived after months of anticipation! We now have two completely new maps, as well as a classic game mode returning from previous entries and even a totally new one, with this new season. We also have the season 2 battle pass to unlock, which includes fresh new cosmetics!

Season 2 is also known as “Lone Wolves,” as it follows the Lone Wolves, a group of tough, independent Spartans. The battle pass prizes reflect these lone Spartans’ covert and improvised character. We’ll go over how the battle pass works as well as the prizes offered in this post.

Let’s dive right into this post on the Halo Infinite Season 2 battle pass and goodies without further ado!

What Is The Battle Pass System?

20220504173447_1-1024x576 How Does the Halo Infinite Battle Pass Work? Koby Gibson Ross / 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG

A battle pass is a collection of cosmetic goods that you may win by completing tasks and earning experience points. These challenges may vary from obtaining a set amount of headshots to playing a certain number of matches with the same model to just signing on for the day and playing at least one match.

How many levels do you have? How much does it set you back?

The battle pass has 100 levels to unlock, with one or two prizes awarded for each level completed. Remember that not all cosmetics may be obtained just by playing the game. Some awards are free, while others require you to pay real money for the premium battle pass.

You may buy credits using your money. This season’s premium battle pass costs 1000 credits, or $10 in actual money. By finishing the combat pass, you may reclaim all 1000 credits as unlocks. This means you’ll only have to pay a total of $10, and after you’ve finished the season 2 battle pass, you’ll be able to get the following season’s battle pass for free!

How Long Do Battle Passes Last? What if I didn’t finish Season 1?

Battle passes in Halo Infinite do not expire at the conclusion of each season, unlike other live-service first-person shooters. You may still level up this season if you haven’t finished the battle pass from Season 1.

However, you can only level up one combat pass at a time and switch between the two battle passes at any moment. Once you’ve made the switch, all of your XP will go toward unlocking the prizes from your chosen battle pass.

Battle Pass Rewards for Season 2

20220503195126_1-1024x576 Halo Infinite Battle Pass Rewards for Season 2 Koby Gibson Ross / 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG

Let’s talk about what you’ll gain with this fresh round of cosmetic unlocks now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of how the Halo Infinite battle pass works.

What Do Cosmetic Unlocks Mean?

As previously stated, the battle pass has 100 levels, each of which requires a particular number of XP to unlock. Weapon skins, weapon charms, vehicle skins, armor parts, kill effects, and other aesthetic unlocks are included in the pass.

With the start of Season 2, two fresh new armor cores were introduced: EAGLESTRIKE and RAKSHASA. RAKSHASA is defined as having a “distinctive, gritty, battlefield-manufactured aesthetic” in the official Steam patch notes. Similarly, the EAGLESTRIKE is based on WWII-era armor and has Steampunk characteristics.

This season’s battle pass has a lot of RAKSHSA armor components. A variety of chest and shoulder choices are available. Each one has a shabby, almost post-apocalyptic appeal about it. The level 100 prize is a set of shoulder pads with an Elite warrior’s skull on them that you may attach to your armor! It may be a war crime, but it sure looks cool!

However, a fresh new AI that you may unlock at level 50 is my personal favorite cosmetic prize. Iratus is a brand-new AI. Iratus was the first of its type, established by the Banished faction. He is the embodiment of everything the group has come to stand for. He’s brash, proud, and aggressive! If you’re searching for something a bit less serious and a little more entertaining, this is the AI companion for you.

What Other Benefits Are Available?

There are also some consumable incentives, such as challenge swaps, which enable you to switch one of your daily tasks to something simpler. XP boosters are also available. It will be much simpler to level up your battle pass and obtain prizes if you manually activate them.

Is the Battle Pass a Good Investment?

20220503195235_1-1024x683 Is it worth the money? Koby Gibson Ross / 343 Industries, Xbox Game Studios via HGG

The million-dollar question now is whether the Halo Infinite season 2 battle pass is worth your money. It all depends. If you intend on playing a lot of Halo this season, I would suggest it since you can get all of your credits back after you complete it. If you are a new player that is just getting into Halo Infinite for the first time and is unfamiliar with anything in the game, you should buy it.

I’d have to say no if you’re a returning player from season one. The amount of fresh stuff we received this season was underwhelming. We only got two new maps, two new game types (King of the Hill isn’t one of them), and no new weaponry. The mangler was the only weapon they cared to rebalance this season! What’s going on?

Given the absence of fresh material, I doubt most returning players will find much excitement in playing the same maps and game types they’ve been playing for months. Perhaps 343 will surprise us with great limited-time events and some nice mid-season content as the season progresses. But, if I were you, I wouldn’t spend any money on the battle pass until that occurs.

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