The Halo series is well-known for its sci-fi universe, space marines and futuristic battles. The latest installment of the game has players exploring the past to find out how humanity became extinct in an epic new story mode. Armor coatings are a key part of every soldier’s arsenal so let’s take a closer look at what powers them up!

The “halo infinite campaign armor coatings” is a list of the best armor coatings in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite: 7 Best Armor Coatings

To say the least, 343’s decision to change how you color your armor was an intriguing one. In previous games, you may choose your main and secondary colors from a rainbow of possibilities! When coupled with the appropriate armor, this resulted in some amazing combinations that created for some truly intriguing appearances.

However, in Halo Infinite, armor coatings were introduced, which function in a similar way to Apex Legends’ skins. Whatever you think of this shift, there’s no denying that some of these coatings look fantastic.

That’s why, with today’s post, we’ll rate the top Halo Infinite armor coatings! Let’s get started straight away and not waste any time!


Corruption of the Universe

Halo-Infinite-2_2_2022-3_07_23-PM-1024x576 Halo-Infinite-2_2_2022-3_07_23-PM-1024x576 Koby Gibson Ross / 343 Industries through HGG

Let’s begin our ranking for the top 7 armor coatings in Halo Infinite with something simple. Corruption of the Universe is an epic-level armor coating that can only be acquired by purchasing the “Cosmic Goblin” bundle from the store. It will cost you 400 cR to obtain. This skin is sadly only available for the Mark VII armor core.

This armor has a gorgeous reddish-purple color with gray and black accents all over the body. It’s a one-of-a-kind hue that may result in a one-of-a-kind Spartan! While I prefer full black highlights for the highlights, gray works nicely with the main color. If you like purple, this is a must-have cosmetic!


Court of the Emperor

Halo-Infinite-2_2_2022-3_08_51-PM-1-1024x576 Halo-Infinite-2_2_2022-3_08_51-PM-1-1024x576 Koby Gibson Ross / 343 Industries through HGG

Next up, we have a more unique-looking cosmetic item. I am of course talking about the Court of the Emperor legendary armor coating! You can pick up this beautiful set of colors for 700 cR from the shop by buying the “Imperial Stance” cosmetic bundle. It is exclusive to the Yoroi armor core.

I’m not sure where to start with this one. The predominant color is a dark crimson that has been gained through fight. The body is highlighted in gold with black undertones to provide a more visually coherent look. The attention to detail on this item is astounding! Whatever you think of Samurai Spartans as lore-friendly, the minor features on their armor undoubtedly add to the authenticity.


Kovan the rogue

Halo-Infinite-2_2_2022-3_07_56-PM-1-1024x576 Halo-Infinite-2_2_2022-3_07_56-PM-1-1024x576 Koby Gibson Ross / 343 Industries through HGG

For spot number five, we have the Kovan the rogue epic armor coating! I remember seeing this one in the multiplayer trailer a while back, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. This skin can be obtained only through playing the campaign. To the north of FOB Delta, you can find an armory locker containing the skin. You can only apply it to the Mark VII armor core, unfortunately.

One of the few armor coatings in the game that would be appropriate for a real-world military force. The woodland camouflage that covers much of the armor is the skin’s most noticeable feature. A sage green tint runs below, tying the entire thing together. If you’re seeking for a cosmetic that’s appropriate for a soldier, this is the one to get!


Wrath of Vermillion

Halo-Infinite-2_2_2022-3_06_53-PM-1024x576 Halo-Infinite-2_2_2022-3_06_53-PM-1024x576 Koby Gibson Ross / 343 Industries through HGG

Up next, we have one of the first-holiday event skins to ever be added to the game. I’m referring to the Wrath of Vermillion legendary armor coating! I didn’t play much of the Winter Contingency event, so I missed out on this skin, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your hands on it.

I’ve seen it in shop rotations before, so you may still be able to find it! It can only be unlocked for the Mark V armor core, however if you want something similar, you can get the Vermillion Flame skin for the Yoroi core.

This is a gleaming metallic armor plating with a main color of red and a secondary color of gold. It’s a Christmas-themed skin (though I’ve noticed more Iron Man similarities than Christmas). Any cosmetic item looks wonderful if it comes in gold, as is the norm in gaming! Minor distressing has been added to the armor to make it seem slightly battle-worn, which is a good addition.


G2 Esports is a company that specializes in esports

Halo-Infinite-2_2_2022-3_06_21-PM-1024x576 Halo-Infinite-2_2_2022-3_06_21-PM-1024x576 Koby Gibson Ross / 343 Industries through HGG

Now for number three on our top 7 armor coatings in Halo Infinite, we have the G2 Esports is a company that specializes in esports epic armor skin! This armor coating is based on the G2 Esports is a company that specializes in esports team and can be purchased at any time from the store under the HCS Offers tab. It can be purchased for exactly 1,000 cR, and is only available for the Mark VII armor kit.

The armor’s skin is a lovely blend of black and gray, with red accents all over it (specifically, on the arms and legs). The dark color palette makes this armor plating appear quite frightening, and the combo of red and black looks fantastic. If you don’t have the Watchdog skin, this is an excellent alternative. You don’t have to be an Esports fan to enjoy such a lovely cosmetic!


Soulful Expression

Halo-Infinite-2_2_2022-3_08_21-PM-1024x576 Halo-Infinite-2_2_2022-3_08_21-PM-1024x576 Koby Gibson Ross / 343 Industries through HGG

This is one I’ve seen a lot in public lobbies lately, and it isn’t hard to see why it’s so popular. The Soulful Expression epic armor coating is available only for the Yoroi armor core. You can obtain it for 1,000 cR by buying a bundle called “Meditative State” from the game’s cosmetic shop.

This is by far my favorite Yoroi armor core armor coating! The base color is a lovely shade of marble white, with brushed gold highlights and subtle green accents on the helmet and upper chest. This skin matches the east-Asian-inspired armor core well, and it looks fantastic with any of the set’s armor parts. If you like this style, I strongly suggest you try this one!


Gaming aboard the Space Station

1-1024x576 1-1024x576 Koby Gibson Ross / 343 Industries through HGG

For our number one armor coating in all of Halo Infinite, we have the Gaming aboard the Space Station epic armor coating! This is another skin based on an existing eSports team, Gaming aboard the Space Station. It can also be bought from the HCS Offers tab on the store for 1,000 cR. You can only use it for the Mark VII armor core.

This skin, oh man, this skin, this skin, this skin, this skin, this skin, this skin, this skin, this skin, this skin, It’s a dark gray and yellow combo, which is one of the nicest color combinations out there, in my view. It has a very clean aesthetic to it, and it fits with pretty about every armor component in the game! It’s a bummer that this skin can’t be used on other armor cores, but it’s not a huge concern.

Be a part of the High Ground

What are your thoughts on our top seven armor coatings in Halo Infinite? Did our list make sense to you? Or did we overlook your preferred finish? Let us know in the comments section!

Screenshot-2022-02-02-151915-1024x533 Screenshot-2022-02-02-151915-1024x533 Image courtesy of 343 Industries and HGG.

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Have fun gaming!

The “halo infinite watchdog armor coating” is a type of armor coating that has been in use since the Halo franchise began. It’s best known for its ability to deflect incoming projectiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best armor in Halo Infinite?

How do you get armor coating in Halo Infinite?

What are armor coatings in Halo Infinite?

A: Armor coatings are a material that can be applied to most Halo Infinite weapons and armors, giving them additional properties. These properties will vary for each layer, but in general the armor coating is designed to protect the player from certain effects such as explosions or inclement weather. Additionally there may be benefits given by some of these materials such as reducing damage taken or increasing speed while sprinting when theyre equipped on their respective equipment sets.

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