It’s no secret that it has been difficult to bring blockchain-powered games into the mainstream. One of the main reasons is because most consumers don’t understand what cryptocurrencies and tokens are or how they work, as well as many other industry problems. With these hurdles in mind, Gunzilla developed Off The Grid with a different approach: an easy-to-learn battle royale game without any cryptocurrency features that relies on its own unique NFT economic model instead.


Gunzilla Games unveiled their new project Off The Grid, a dystopian cyberpunk “battle royale 2.0” in which players execute secret missions in the interests of strong companies, last week. The unveiling video didn’t show much, but the game’s website does provide some important information, such as the fact that Off The Grid will be a PvEvP game with 150-player lobbies, as well as the standard hype-fuel sales spiel about changing the genre, putting players first, and so on. Off The Grid is being designed from the ground up as a blockchain game with a major emphasis on NFT trading, which Gunzilla fails to disclose anywhere, even on their social media or other public-facing venues.

Gunz-Gunzilla-Off-the-Grid-NFTGunz Gunzilla Off the Grid NFT Gunzilla may be found at SQUAD took this screenshot.

Off The Grid will be powered by Gunzilla’s proprietary token GunZ (that’s what it’s called), and players will be able to harvest GunZ while playing the game in a way similar to Hunt: Showdown’s permanent extraction economy, according to one of Gunzilla’s partner sites. The distinction is that, according to the project description, “what you loot, you own.” “It’s simply that the game mechanics are much more complex than in a regular shooter, resulting in more and better loot, which you can sell for currency on the marketplace.”

The GunZ token will be used to buy anything from player housing to weapon upgrades and character customisation on the game’s NFT marketplace. Gunzilla is certainly pushing hard for NFT inclusion in Off The Grid, and they’re continuing to form new blockchain partnerships to help them achieve their objective. However, the studio does not seem to be ready to publicly divulge Off The Grid’s status as an NFT project, since at least one major content creator who addressed it has been threatened with DMCA action against their channel.

This is about to be a thing I reckon…

— Bigfry🍟 (@BigfryTV) May 9, 2022

We’ve reached out to Gunzilla Games for comment, and we’ll keep you updated as the story progresses.

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