Gunzilla Games has announced “Off The Grid”, a third-person shooter game that is set to release in 2019. Off The Grid” will be the first title by Gunzilla since 2016’s “Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge”.

Gunzilla Games Announces Off The Grid, A Third-Person

Gunzilla Games Announces Off The Grid, A Third-Person Battle Royale With A Strong Narrative Focus

Off The Grid, a new third-person shooter battle royale game by Gunzilla Games, was announced today. The game, set in a dystopian, cyberpunk-styled future, tries to stand apart from the crowd by putting a higher emphasis on narrative growth.

Off The Grid can accommodate 150 people in its bouts, which include both PvP and PvE features. The latter are plot missions that enable players “the ability to determine how the hard-boiled tale evolves, with each choice affecting everyone’s gameplay.”

Gunzilla Games Announces Off The Grid, A Third-Person Battle Royale With A Strong Narrative Focus

When the action slows down, players may manufacture, personalize, and exchange in-game objects with one another. Off The Grid, according to the creator, is an advancement of the battle royale genre.

The project is led by Chief Visionary Officer Neill Blomkamp and Script Writer Richard K. Morgan, with executive narrative director Olivier Henriot – who has worked on series including Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed – taking over.

“With OTG, our goal is not merely to create Battle Royale 2.0 by introducing meaningful player advancement, but also to create an evolving environment that takes on a life of its own, altering in surprising ways each time a player returns to the game,” Blomkamp stated.

“We provide meaning to each facet of the game with a creative approach to the Battle Royale core session flow and a complex narrative experience, enabling players to return the OTG world frequently where there is always something new to uncover and explore, and for us to grow upon.”

Off The Grid is being development with Unreal Engine 5 and is set to release in 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. In the next months, more information will be released. Visit the game’s official website to learn more about it.

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