Today, ArenaNet revealed the latest in the line of elite specializations for the guardian, the guild wars 2 class that most closely resembles a warrior, with a focus on the single-target (but not single target) area control attacks of caster classes. The new elite specialization, called Willbender, focuses on the area control attacks of the guardian. It can be thought of as a “swift” version of the guardian’s current elite specialization.

An elite spec, an elite dungeon, and a new race? That’s a lot of elite for a single day. The good news is that your eyes are getting tired and you’re getting hungry, so let’s not spend too much time on Guild Wars 2. Trust me on that.

The Guild Wars 2 team has released a new trailer for the upcoming release, featuring new elite specs for the Guardian profession, and a new look at the Virtuoso and Harbinger professions.. Read more about guild wars 2 free expansion and let us know what you think.


The imminent release of Guild Wars 2’s first three elite specs from End of Dragons has had us excited all week. The Mesmer’s Virtuoso was unveiled at the preview event, while the Necromancer’s Harbinger had a video released yesterday. However, the third one – as well as other information – has kept the playerbase on the edge of their seats. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait much longer, since ArenaNet released a new preview of all three this morning!

The Guardian – yeah, you read it correctly; the teaser image was of a Guardian – elite spec is known as the Willbender.

“Willbenders are destined guardians of the Weh no Su and defenders of the Canthan kingdom (or Ascendant Emperors). The willbender is a new kind of Guardian who utilizes an off-hand sword and physical skills to assist them reach and kill their enemies. It makes the profession more mobile than it has ever been. The off-hand sword of the willbender, as well as numerous physical utilities, have been given multi-strike and extra movement capabilities, transforming it into a highly aggressive damage dealer capable of blasting down opponents while preserving their health and well-being via battlefield destruction.”

Here’s our first glimpse at the Willbender!

Harbinger, a Necro spec, received a video yesterday.

“Through their elixir talents and associated support characteristics, the harbinger takes a dash of old west gunslinger and combines it with a sprinkle of traveling pharmacist. The result is a frantic, fast-paced fighting style that rewards skill, danger, and biting off precisely as much as you can chew (but not more) while inverting Necromancer’s conventional, slower-paced gameplay.”

And, of course, the Virtuoso is about to rock the Mesmer class… with a song.

“Normally, the Mesmer is renowned for deception, cunning, and intricacy, constructing illusions to mislead opponents and then ‘shattering’ them to different effects. The virtuoso alters this by ignoring deception and embracing all-out assault, utilizing their magic to conjure enchanted swords, which they wield telekinetically for enormously strong strikes or inflicting crippling conditions.” v=0OQYVaEGUxg

More information will be revealed tomorrow at 3 p.m. EDT during ArenaNet’s major announcement broadcast, and everyone will be able to try out all three characters next week at the first of the scheduled beta events.


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The new season of Guild Wars 2 is upon us, and with it comes all kinds of new content for players to enjoy. We recently talked about the changes coming with the Heart of Thorns expansion, but there are several more exciting additions to the game. The epic conclusion to the Solaris campaign, the new elite Guardian class, Willbender, and the new Virtuoso and Harbinger specs are just some of the pieces coming in this year’s update.. Read more about guild wars 2: path of fire india and let us know what you think.

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