Want to play Skydome?

Today Gamigo released the Skydome closed beta to select users who signed up for the closed beta test on a first come, first serve basis. Gamigo is also running a global stage where contestants can play the game for a chance at winning a beta key.

word-image-11299 If you missed the Skydome strength test on this month, you’re in luck: We have the keys that will allow you to participate in the ongoing closed beta, even after the stress test ends this weekend. Readers will recall that Skydome is Gamigo’s latest game; it’s a 4v4 MOBA/tower defense hybrid multiplayer game that will be released in Early Access in July. From the Skydome temple that floats in the air, the champions battle armies and monsters across the galaxy. They use their individual strategies and skills to build defenses and erect towers that help them dominate their opponents. Battles take place in challenging arenas where players must assemble a team of skilled heroes to defend their base and destroy enemy walls while completing useful side missions. No two champions are the same, giving players the chance to explore new skills, different defense towers, and a variety of strategies with each hero. In Skydome, players are immersed in high-speed 3D isometric action, where they face exciting challenges around every corner. Depending on their play style, players can develop complex defensive team strategies or take the fight to the extreme and use special intervention skills to sabotage their opponents. Death mazes, magical portals, and time manipulation are all part of the player’s toolbox to become the ultimate champion in this epic tower defense arena. Click the mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to get the locked beta key!   word-image-3844 There are 996 keys left! Here you can see how to use your code:

  • Visit the official website.
  • If you don’t have an account yet, create one.
  • Log in to your Glyph account.
  • Go to Account -> Apply code.
  • Enter the code and click Apply.

We’re not sure when the closed beta will end, but we expect it will be at least a few more weeks until the early access phase begins; you can use these keys to get into the game during the testing phase!

. Standard accommodation: When there is no captcha, no mo button, and all there is to say is that there are no more buttons! Sorry in big letters, and then we take away the keys. If we receive another batch from the studio, we will announce it via social media. Problems with a non-functioning captcha? Try using a different browser or clearing the cache. And finally : Hold on to your code! If you lose it after all the keys have been returned, we cannot return it.

. Good luck and have fun! View

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