The year is 2116, Earth is a wasteland in the aftermath of a catastrophic civil war. At the centre of it all is the evil Eugenics Bureau, whose agents run the remnants of society from a series of heavily fortified bases and dungeons. Your goal is to seek out and destroy these facilities.

As a long time gamer, I’ve spent a lot of time in role-playing dungeons. Unlike most video games, these caves are not designed to be completed as quickly as possible. Instead, they take some time to explore and learn the layout. As you explore, you pick up loot, which you can sell for money, or spend on equipment, food, and even private rooms to save in. Players can also use these rooms to make money by using skills such as cooking or brewing potions.

Going Under is an RPG dungeon crawler, in which you explore and conquer a series of maps in order to find and unlock powerful treasures, while also leveling up and unlocking new abilities and items. The maps are randomly generated, but also procedurally filled with enemy encounters to keep things interesting. Once you’ve cleared a map of enemies, you can return to it at will (and your save file will be updated), and try to defeat an even stronger set of enemy types. The game’s combat system is an interesting hybrid of turn-based and real-time combat, which doesn’t seem to lean too heavily one or the other.. Read more about going under game and let us know what you think.

Going Under has shocked me; it’s a game in which I had planned to spend very little time and with which I had low expectations. I was pleasantly pleased to discover that I was becoming more hooked to this game, pushing myself further into the game’s three tough dungeons.

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Don’t anticipate a Diablo 3 level of demonic presence when I say “hardcore dungeons.” Going Under isn’t about those sorts of dungeons; instead, it’s about three failing startup companies that have taken up residence in the basement and are being invaded by monsters.

Going-Under-1024x429 Going-Under-1024x429

Going Under isn’t the longest game out there, but what it lacks in length it more than makes up for with wacky characters.

The Adventures of Going Under

You take on the role of Jackie, a quirky unpaid intern who has applied for a marketing position at a soda business only to discover that her actual work will be dealing with the monsters from three failed startup companies that live in the basement.

Jackie may seek the assistance of other staff members as the game continues, but only after she has completed some necessary work tasks for them, such as punching 10 goblins to death with her bare fists.

You’ll only have access to one dungeon at first, and you shouldn’t expect to finish it on your first try. The dungeons are really a lot harder than I expected, but they don’t take long to accomplish, and you don’t have to finish the first one before moving on to Winkydink.

20210721185535_1-1024x429 20210721185535_1-1024x429 The second dungeon in Going Under is Winkydink.

If you thought the previous dungeon, Joblin, was odd, wait till you visit Winkydink, a failing dating app company invaded by crazy dating monsters and demons… Or, at least, that’s what I believe they are.

going-under-winkydink-1024x429 going-under-winkydink-1024x429

The narrative isn’t the primary draw here, as you’d expect from a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and therefore isn’t the greatest part of Going Under. Going Under is really unique because to its oddly addicting gameplay and even weirder weaponry.

The Gameplay of Going Under

Each dungeon consists of four levels, each of which has numerous rooms packed with a variety of strange creatures.

Some of the weapons available to you are ridiculous, to the point that I found myself going for strange weaponry rather than strong ones simply for a chuckle. These weapons vary from a pencil poking monsters to an over-sized guitar killing them in flair.

In certain areas of Joblin, you will even be attacked by goblins who will run you over with a tiny vehicle, which you may then use as a weapon if you kill them.


As you continue to plow your way through the dungeons, you will see that your coworkers have missions for you to do. By finishing these quests, you may equip them as a mentor, which will unlock additional benefits, making your next run a bit simpler.

Each mentor has their own set of benefits that may be raised up by doing additional tasks. My favorite of these was Ray, the business CEO, who grants you a corporate credit card that allows you to purchase items in the dungeon even if you don’t have the money.

Going-under-mentors-1024x429 Going-under-mentors-1024x429

However, some of these benefits come at a cost; for example, although Ray provides you with a business credit card, if you spend more money than you have, you will find yourself in serious debt.

When I say “literally debilitating debt,” I mean that you receive a huge ball and chain that slows you down, and the more you spend, the bigger the ball becomes, making it more difficult to flee or avoid attackers.

going-under-debt-1024x429 going-under-debt-1024x429

Going Under is filled with analogies that every company may relate to. Going Under is a great game because of these little touches.

Returning to Your Home

Apart from ‘working’ from the office, Ray also claims that you may ‘work’ from home on occasion, which for a lot of basement dwellers translates to just going home and chilling.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you may relax and listen to music, or, more significantly, change your clothing if you’ve been fortunate enough to acquire new ones.

Going-Under-Customization-1024x429 Going-Under-Customization-1024x429 Unlockable outfits in Going Under

Visiting a Store

Every time you complete a dungeon, regardless of whether you win or lose, you will be awarded with an unique money that can be used to purchase perks to aid you in future battles.

Going-Under-perks-1024x429 Going-Under-perks-1024x429

As you advance and finish more fights, the game will get easier, making the ultimate objective of defeating the final monsters in each of the three dungeons a little more attainable.


To be honest, when I was originally approached to write a Going Under game review, I didn’t have great expectations. But it’s one of the few games that has pleasantly surprised me.

Every time I enter a dungeon, I’m met with an equal mix of bizarre creatures and bizarre weapons, with an array capable of making each battle unique.

Going Under is also the ideal amount of difficulty: it’s challenging enough that you won’t be able to finish it in one sitting, but not so tough that you’ll hurl your controller or Nintendo Switch out the window.

So, if you’re up for a challenge, be ready to bash some goblins with office trash.

The Good
  • Weapons that are enjoyable to use
  • A good level of difficulty balancing
  • Artwork that is entertaining
  • Updates are made often.
The Bad (& Ugly)
  • Controls may seem to be slow.
  • There is no key mapping.
  • The story may be expanded upon.

3.525 7.1 7.1 3.525 5.1 3.525 5.1 3.5

Score from Unboxed Reviews

Going Under is an action-role-playing game (RPG) that takes place in a mysterious world known as the Underground. The Underground is a dangerous place, and rather than being the fantasy setting from games like Final Fantasy or Skyrim, it is actually a place where monsters threaten the players and there is always the looming danger of an unfortunate death.. Read more about going under game wiki and let us know what you think.

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