God of War is a popular PS4 game that was recently ported to PC and released on the GeForce Now service. What you need to know about this launch, though, is how it affects your experience with God of War on both platforms. We break down what’s changed for gamers who already own the game or pre-ordered it digitally through Steam or GOG Galaxy in our article below!

“What is Geforce Now?” is a question that has been asked by many gamers. The “God of War GeForce Now Support” is a service that allows players to play God of War on their PC without the need for an actual game console. Read more in detail here: what is geforce now.

God of War GeForce Now Support - What to Know About It

God of War GeForce Now Support - What to Know About It

The PC release of God of War is approaching, and while we prepare to hack and slash our way through Norse mythology with Kratos’ kickass axe, those of us with less powerful PCs may be wondering whether GeForce Now support will be available.

The introduction of God of War on Nvidia GeForce Now would enable members to play the game via the company’s cloud streaming technology without having to worry about their hardware being inadequate.

God of War GeForce Now Support - What to Know About It

God of War GeForce Now Support - What to Know About It

Unfortunately, there are no indications that God of War will be supported by Nvidia GeForce Now at launch. Official communications have centered on technology like Nvidia DLSS and Reflex, which will be there to improve the PC experience.

This does not rule out the possibility of God of War coming on GeForce Now in the future. Every week, the cloud streaming service refreshes its list of supported titles, and we may see it there in the coming weeks and months.

We’ll keep an eye on the situation and update this page as soon as we hear more. If you want to put your PC to the test, you may look at the system requirements referenced at the top of this page to see how Kratos’ newest journey will affect it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will God of War support RTX?

A: I am not a God of War expert, but to my knowledge, there is no way for the games engine to support RTX.

How do I enable the DLSS in God of War?

A: To enable the DLSS, you would first want to open up your Graphics settings in God of War and set it to High Performance. You can also increase the number of users running on one machine by setting this option to 2 under Multithreading.

What does GeForce NOW help with?

A: GeForce NOW is a service that allows users to play PC games on the go. It does this by using your internet connection and a cloud-based server, which means you are able to play any game available with no need for an install or download.

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