In a press release, Gearbox announced that the game will be sunsetted on November 30th. The developer stated that they had to make this decision because there was “no path for us to give players what we know you deserve.” Players who have been saving up cash and materials in preparation of PWE’s next project are feeling betrayed by the sudden announcement.

“forsaken world requirements android” is a game that was released on Google Play Store in 2014. The game will be sunsetting on November 30, 2018.

Gearbox is sunsetting PWE’s Forsaken World on November 30


While Forsaken Market may not have lit the western MMORPG world on fire, there looked to be enough people out there to take up the keys we had given out over the years, indicating that it must have attracted a following. As a result, we hate to tell that audience that Gearbox Publishing (now Perfect World Entertainment) has announced that the MMORPG will be closing down on November 30th.

The release states, “We no longer believe there is opportunity for FW to prosper and expand.” “This was a tough choice to make, but we appreciate your love, support, and devotion to the game and all of the fantastic communities that have sprung up as a result of FW.”

All cash store currency transactions have been disabled as of this past Friday, however all purchases made in the game and Arc Points spent between March 1st and April 28th will be converted into Arc credit and issued to player accounts beginning in May. This credit may be used to buy items in Gearbox’s other MMORPGs, such as Perfect World International, Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, or Champions Online. It will take around a month for these reimbursements to be processed.

In the meanwhile, as a last hurrah for the game, an array of substantially discounted products will be introduced to the in-game boutique between May 11th and the game’s ultimate sunset.


“Forsaken World” is a game that was released in 2012 and it has been sunsetted on November 30. Players can still play the game until then. The classes that were available to be played will be removed from the game on November 30. Reference: forsaken world classes.

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