A Korean-developed survival game called Frozen Flame recently got a new update that adds new NPCs, new items, and a new spell system. In this post, I will go over the new NPCs and items in the update, as well as some of the new spells.

Frozen Flame, the latest installment of the popular game Frozen Flame. Changes have been made to Ancient Valley and other areas of the game in an update released today, and we’ve got the details.

The multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame has released a new update that offers a little bit of everything to players. Especially for those who love ghosts, dice, new spells and ravaged forests. And if you are such a person , you have very special taste.

Back to the update: The Old Valley has undergone a number of changes, including more cursed plants, new challenges and secrets, even more valuable resources, and more violent enemies as the player progresses through the area. The abandoned houses in the valley are now also home to very evil spirits, but they only come out at night. Players can loot these houses during the day in search of trophies, but they must be careful not to do so at sunset. We know that ghosts don’t like it when the living steal their stuff.

This update also adds mystic cubes, filled with (presumably) goodies that fall from the sky and light a beacon so players can find it; some additional spells to learn, such as. Stone Skin and Chain Lightning; a skill tree system that allows players to choose ancestors and follow a path of skill development; and changes to the Chronos barrier around the Cradle of the Guardians making it impassable – players will now have to find portals to enter the area. There are other updates described in the current patch set.

Sources: Press release, Steam


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