From Software has revealed several new details about Elden Ring, their upcoming title that takes place in the same universe as Bloodborne. Today they officially unveiled the game’s world, gameplay, and locations. The main premise of Elden Ring, From Software’s latest game, is to explore the ruins of Hyrule Temple, a mysterious place that has been sealed by unknown forces.

If you’re reading this on a site other than GameSkinny, chances are you’re familiar with the game Elden Ring. If you’re not, you’ve probably heard of the game already. It’s an indie game that’s been in the works for about four years, and has finally been given a release date with the recent announcement of it later this year.

Ever since its reveal at E3 2016, From Software’s Elden Ring has been shrouded in mystery and speculation. We knew very little about the game, and only had sparse details of the story and the setting. Now, it seems that the darkness and mystery of the game’s plot and setting are starting to emerge, thanks to a new gameplay trailer released by From Software.


The grit we all love goes on

From Software continues to create dark and epic game situations that test the player’s mettle. Get up, spoilsport is the motto of this heartbreaking contest. It is suggested that players will face trials that will cause them to die over and over again. Only when players think the journey is over can they take on the challenges that keep popping up in From Software’s biggest game. It’s nice to see From Software broadening its horizons to attract new players, while nurturing its loyal followers. There are still some puzzles that fans are interested in regarding certain game mechanics. New character settings, stats, weapon types, spells and consumables have yet to be revealed. Trailer As you can see, this is no longer a myth or legend. The release date is scheduled for the 21st. January 2022. Long live the mockery that makes the title a kind of mystical existence. You can be sure to see more of Elden Ring before the release date. Enjoy the trailer below.

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From Software, the developer behind games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and the upcoming Elden Ring, reveals the first gameplay footage of their new game, Elden Ring.. Read more about elden ring multiplayer and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elden ring open world?

The 2015 Game Developers Conference is in full swing, and the Playstation Experience has just wrapped up. Some of the major announcements that came out of this years event are the reveals of two new games from an all-star lineup of developers, including From Software and Sony Computer Entertainment. The two games are called “Elden Ring” and “Nioh”, and, thankfully, they’re both confirmed open world games with an emphasis on exploration. Recently, From Software (the creator of the Dark Souls series) revealed that the upcoming game Elden Ring was being developed, and they had some very interesting details about the game.  Elden Ring will feature an Open World environment, which will be filled with enemies that will fight against you.  The game will have bosses, and bosses are a big deal in the Souls Series of games.  After their reveal, game director Hidetaka Miyazaki also revealed a screenshot of a Sorceress (figure 1.), which is the primary character of the game.

Has Elden ring been Cancelled?

The Elden Ring is an upcoming post-Lord of the Rings game developed by the same developer behind the critically praised game Bloodborne. In the game, you control an 18th century loner, who must uncover the mysteries of a world where the races of men and elves are at war with one another. As a long time fan of the game series, I was confused when I learned the Elden Ring would be an open world game, as I thought it would be a linear experience. But by all accounts, I’m excited to see what the game is like, as it’s been awhile since From Software dropped a good game.

Is Elden ring Dark Souls?

The Shadow Tower, a massive structure in the world of Elden, is a mysterious area that’s been filled with death and destruction. Nothing is known about the tower except that it’s a huge and dangerous place in the game. Gamers have a sense of entitlement when it comes to sequels, especially in the field of video games. We expect more from the developers of the original game, but we also expect that they put more effort in the upcoming sequel. While we don’t expect sequels that offer the same content as the original, we do expect more than just an impersonal “here we go again” attitude. In this case, it looks like From Software is going to catch a lot of flak from gamers for their latest game, Elden Ring.

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