Fractured’s latest beta update has changed the game in a few ways, including adding fees for crafting and taxes (for cities) to help support its development. Here are some of the major features added:

Fractured’s latest beta update adds crafting fees and city taxes. The new world refining fee will be charged to players who refine items in the game.

Fractured’s latest beta update adds crafting fees and city taxes – sorry


Fractured Online is still in the middle of its always-on, no-end-date closed beta test, which was momentarily interrupted yesterday in order to push out a fresh patch.

The update makes no effort to address player concerns about gold-grinding in the game, instead introducing new crafting costs and levies with the goal of draining income from the game. “The mechanism is intended to add gold sinks into the game and reward towns who choose to offer up their crafting stations to the general public,” Dynamight explains. Producing costs vary depending on where you create and what grade of item you’re crafting, while city fees are subject to the whims of the elected governor.

“There is no gold cost if you manufacture from your inventory crafting menu, but all goods (T1 weapons, Commoner Clothes, Hide Armor) are of poor quality. […] You pay a standard gold charge plus (potentially) a tax to the city you’re in / the city that rules the area if you create from a crafting station, whether it’s in a city or at home. The basic fees are shown below.”

In addition, the patch adjusts various animations and prohibits PvP spawn camping (griefing) at harbors.

The game servers have been restored!

All of the changes in this update can be seen at this link:

Happy adventuring! Your Fractured Online team

— Fractured Online | CLOSED BETA 24/7 server access! (@FracturedOnline) May 12, 2022


Fractured is a game where players can create their own worlds and explore them. The latest beta update adds crafting fees and city taxes – sorry. Reference: new world crafting fee.

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