The MMO Final Fantasy XIV has issued bans to select streamers due to their use of addons. While the decision is not a surprise, it comes at an interesting time in gaming’s relationship with eSports and streaming. The move will also give developers more power over content distribution for their games going forward.

The “banned for xivalexander” is a story that has been circulating the internet. It is about how some streamers were banned from Final Fantasy XIV after they used addons in-game.

Final Fantasy XIV finally issues bans to some streamers over addons

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So it’s only been a few days since Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida begged the community to refrain from utilizing third-party tools, which are legally prohibited under the game’s terms of service. However, since they were using forbidden tools while playing the game, a few of broadcasters from both the Japanese and English-speaking fanbases have been banned. In reaction to these occurrences, the fandom… created a slew of memes.

One post argues that Square has been very explicit about not wanting to punish anyone or launch any type of witch hunt, while adding that certain players are making this posture extremely difficult to maintain, as if they’re dare the programmers to ban them. This is compounded by concerns about fabricated film, which might lead to widespread reporting, which is hardly the intended consequence. So it’s not ideal, but if you’re going to broadcast the game, it’s probably not a good idea to show off anything that violates the terms of service in front of everyone. Advertisement

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The “best dalamud plugins” are a set of addons that allow players to use in-game items and abilities outside of the game. The Final Fantasy XIV team finally issued bans to some streamers over these addons.

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