Fallout 76’s Steel Reign arc and fifth season are live today. That’s right, when we said we’re launching season 5 and Steel Reign this week, we meant it.

After a long time of teasing, Bethesda finally released the first episode of the Fallout 76 Steel Reign DLC today. While it isn’t a full blown expansion like Fallout 76 Season 4, it does add a lot of new content to the game and gives us a sneak peak at what’s to come in the next few months.

Today is patch day for those still roaming the Badlands, as Fallout 76’s Reign of Steel, Season 5 and Update 28 have officially launched. This update brings all-new quests to Fallout 76, with the Reign of Steel quest starting where you said goodbye to the Brotherhood of Steel at the end of Dawn of Steel, Bethsoft explains in today’s patch notes. The Domination of Steel quest is available to all players over 20 who have completed the Best Defense quest. Players who complete this quest will then be presented with the quest A Knights Penance, which will lead them to a conversation with Russell Dorsey in Fort Atlas.

In addition to the storyline, Bethsoft has introduced the long-awaited legendary item creation system, upgrades to wallets, and of course the fifth seasons themselves, named K.D. Inkwell and Escape from the 42nd Century.

K.D. Incwell returns in a brand new adventure! This time we go with our heroine on an exciting adventure in the 42nd century. The century! After a calibration error, C.D. Inkwell finds himself in a dystopian future populated by humanoid dolphin hybrids who call themselves the M.I.N.D. Organization! These vile sea creatures have only one goal in mind: to transform the last remnants of humanity into their soulless collective. Will K.D. manage to escape from this wild world? Or will she herself be forced to join the mass of human-dolphin hybrids? In Season 5, you’ll climb 100 rungs and earn new rewards like legendary cores, power armor, a red missile coltron, and more!

#Fallout76Reign of Steel update is out today!

Dive into this season’s new rewards, crafting legendary items and completing the Brotherhood of Steel storyline. pic.twitter.com/5nyxPv72Cq

– Bethesda (@bethesda) July 7, 2021


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