In the upcoming Fallout 76, players will be able to participate in expeditions, which are planned and guided gameplay experiences. Expedition leaderboards allow you find out who has dominated your area of the map!

The “scoreboard fallout 76 end date” is a new feature that will be coming to the Fallout 76. The Expedition system is a new way for players to work together and explore the world.

Fallout 76 elaborates on the new Expedition system coming soon to the PTS


You can guarantee that a party that has taken over a resort and transformed it into a base of operations and has access to a helicopter is up to something. That’s exactly what Fallout 76’s Expedition system brings to higher-level players, and it’s also the focus of the game’s most recent weekly email.

The Whitespring Resort, which has been converted by the newly reorganized Responders to become the Whitespring Refuge, a base of operations for the faction and where the aforementioned helicopter (called whirlybird) waits to carry players to an Expedition, is where the whole system is accessible. First, players must charge the whirlybird’s ultracite battery, which may be done by completing three daily refuge objectives. Players will have enough strength to ride the helicopter to the first Expedition at The Pitt after completing those three tasks.

Players will be given random tasks to fulfill in each Expedition assignment, as well as many alternative objectives that might earn them additional prizes if achieved. Players can anticipate XP, treasure, and a legendary item at the very least, as well as weekly Pitt-themed rare item plans for things like weapon and armor upgrades, costumes, and CAMP goods, and a new Stamps currency that can be traded in for the precise rare prizes that players want (instead of praying to their favored RNG deity).

This new material, as well as the first Expedition task, will be available on the PTS shortly, with a second Expedition mission to follow later, although the content itself has no set release date. Even so, curious gamers may get a sneak peek at what’s coming to Whitespring ahead of time.


The “a better life underground fallout 76” is a blog post by Bethesda Game Studios. The article elaborates on the new Expedition system coming soon to the PTS.

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