“Expedition Zero” is a survival game from Outerlight Studios, the developers of ‘The Forest. Featuring infinite procedurally generated maps and random weather patterns that can change at any time, this open-world adventure takes place on Earth after an unexplained global catastrophe.

You’re thrust into an unknown world with no memory and a questionable past. You must find your way to the heart of this mysterious place, learning its secrets along the way as you uncover what it is you’ve been given in return for your service…

The “zero atmosphere game” is a new game that has been released on the PC. It was created by an independent developer, and it is described as a first person shooter with zero atmosphere.

Expedition Zero PC Review |

Running with the shadows of the night.

“I’m hoping a swarm of monsters doesn’t bite my face.”

TinyBuild has built a reputation for giving smaller businesses a chance, and it’s simple to see why. Without them, games like Kill It With Fire and Not for Broadcast could have fallen into oblivion. Expedition Zero, a survival horror game set in rural Serbia, is now available through TinyBuild. If you’re a fan of Eastern European horror films like Pathologic, Chernobylite, and STALKER, you’ll recognize this. Expedition Zero’s more annoying components get in the way, despite the fact that it has some interesting concepts up its sleeve.

The main premise is that you are the last survivor of the aforementioned Expedition Zero, and you are stuck in an anomaly zone in Serbia. The unusual events have spread an epidemic, and it seems that the only way out is to attempt to cure the illness inside the walls. There are zombies and mutants everywhere, and it’s up to you to gather samples for a mystery guy hiding behind a curtain. Much of what’s going on is discovered via collecting notes in abandoned buildings and the like, like in previous horror games. Research notes, correspondence, and all the rest of it. It’s not horrible, but it’s simple to overlook. With your missions, not so much.

The primary aim is to locate down viral samples scattered around the woodlands with your locator. While the horror generally falls short, these sample locales give an unsettling sense of surrealism that is welcomed. The terror is greatest where vines tangle under a cathedral, an Elk glows that is impossible to kill, and what’s left of a person in a tank. That terror dissipates quickly, due to the game’s insatiable desire to murder you on a regular basis.

One example is when the guy behind the curtain asks you to meet him near the anomalous zone’s walls at the beginning of the game. Massive spotlights protect this region, and if you get caught in them, you’ll be shot to death. It’s also rather rapid; two shots and the game is finished. This occurs during the first 5-10 minutes of the event, and it soon colors the whole experience. It’s not difficult to sneak by them to meet your customer, but it’s hardly a good first impression. “Hey, this is going to seem unfair,” this is saying. “Are you going to back out or are you going to prove me wrong?” From then, things are only going to get worse.

Scavenging for resources is required, as it is in many games of this genre. You may locate pieces to break down to manufacture new things and modules by looking through garbage and damaged appliances. You start with a headlamp, but you may upgrade to warmer modules, gas masks, and other inventory items. 3D printers may be found all across the zone, allowing you to create anything whenever you want. Some of these modules drain your suit’s battery power, forcing you to recharge it in order to remain alive for longer.

Running with the shadows of the night.

Each printer has its own upgrade, so you can only use particular printers to make stuff.

The major difficulty with this, though, is that each printer requires its own update. An abandoned church, for example, contains a plan for such renovation to cope with the cold. You won’t be able to carry this blueprint with you to your shelter; you’ll have to make it there. So, if you don’t have the supplies, either locate them and return to that printer, or hope you can find another printer who has the identical blueprint. It’s inconvenient, but it creates more suspense than when the creatures appear.

The cold will be your greatest adversary before you encounter one. Survival is the name of the game, and it’s all too easy to succumb to the cold. The only option to fix this is to return to your shelter, go to a spot where it is not below freezing, or fire wood in the stoves strewn around the landscape. Finding a little amount of wood to burn may make a big impact, and getting warmed up adds to the stress. Was it OK to warm up at that time? Should I have rescued it instead of rushing to safety? But, after a period, it becomes simple to comprehend and cope with. The creatures then appear.

Screams will wake you up at night, and they will always be louder than you anticipate. This is where the monsters are at their finest before you see them fully. It’s simple to leap at first, but you become used to it. Those frights are rapidly replaced with a grating sense of injustice that monsters bring. There are axe-wielding zombies charging towards you, with flies flying around them. You may learn to fight against them by exchanging blows with an axe or pry bar. But it won’t help you deal with the creatures that will cause the greatest trouble.

The primary creatures that are your nemesis are just too powerful. They’re animals that can hop around trees, spew toxic vapors, mess with the game’s UI, grab you with their tongues, and even instakill you if your health is low enough. They’ll pounce and murder you in a gratuitous sequence even if you’re running away. The distance between you and where they’ll take you out seems to be irrelevant. That isn’t unusual in and of itself; many of games have featured these persistent pursuers. Few of them, on the other hand, seemed so unrelenting and cheap. In one version of the game, the thing’s tongue snipped through structures to strike without notice. There’s a reason why the Smoker and Hunter classes in Left 4 Dead weren’t combined.

Running with the shadows of the night.

Expedition Zero’s cheap fighting affects the experience badly, even with fleeting periods of frightening surrealism.

There’s always the feeling that you’re doing something wrong, yet the remedy isn’t obvious. Fighting isn’t an option, and fleeing won’t give you enough time until they return. You’re going to lose health no matter what you do. You can obtain a module for your suit that will alert you when an assault is coming, which might be useful when you’re dealing with a single monster. Later samples, on the other hand, pit you against a slew of pouncing animals, making the game a grind. It’s the kind of annoyance that makes you want to walk away and turn the dang thing off. It’s frustrating that the largest challenge you confront is a tree-hopping pouncer that screams in your face and eats you in a game where you’re stranded in a world plagued by a horrible alien sickness.

Expedition Zero would be a lot better without this fighting, even if the game is patched to fix more serious faults. It’s at its best when your greatest adversary is the weather, you’re trying to figure out what occurred, and you’re discovering samples in the oddest of locations. It’s exhausting to be pursued by monsters. This isn’t the kind of trauma that makes you stronger as a result of it. It just exhausts you and hinders you from enjoying the game’s positive aspects.

Running with the shadows of the night.


Expedition Zero’s basic prerequisites include Windows 7 to demonstrate how simple it is to run the game. This implies that if you have a good computer, you should be able to run it without any problems. Pop-in is prevalent, particularly in higher-resolution games, although it isn’t a game-breaker. Expedition Zero is a low-budget game, and it shows, yet the way certain corners are made is very clever. The first trader you encounter in the game is an excellent example. You can only see his hands since the rest of his body is hidden by a curtain. It’s a wonderful method to bring a character to life without having to lip sync. The game’s best moments are amplified by these little touches. Exhibition Zero isn’t the most attractive game on the market, but it isn’t one of its flaws.

Running with the shadows of the night.


Expedition Zero’s sole accessibility choices are its control mapping, which is understandable for a little game. Not only that, but the absence of a difficulty slider will make it unsuitable for all players. Although there aren’t any elements that need button mashing, the game’s major emphasis on scavenging without highlighting may be difficult for folks with visual issues.


It’s a stressful war against the elements as you forage and attempt to escape out of the bizarre zone when Expedition Zero is at its greatest. It’s being slaughtered by obnoxious creatures at its worst. Unfortunately, you do more of the latter, which makes it irritating rather than frightening. If the issues of Expedition Zero still pique your curiosity, prepare to clench your teeth.


The abandoned chapel was haunted by icy spirits.

Good vs. Evil

  • Tense Survival Factors
  • Inventive animation solutions
  • Specs aren’t as high as you’d expect.
  • Unjust deaths
  • Monsters on the cheap
  • Combat that is uninteresting
  • Particular Blueprints are only available via certain printers.

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